Yamaha Motors registers 4.8 % sales growth in October 2012

Yamaha Motors has registered 4.8 % sales growth in October 2012. Riding on the success of their new scoter RAY, India Yamaha Motors has continued…

Yamaha Motors has registered 4.8 % sales growth in October 2012. Riding on the success of their new scoter RAY, India Yamaha Motors has continued to make steady growth. In the month of October 2012, sales were recorded at 39,368 unirs as compared to 38,229 units sold in October 2012.

Export sales were registered at 10,154 units in 2012 as opposed to 9,011 units sold last October. Total overall sales were registered at 49,522 units for October 2012 as compared to 47,240 during the same period last year. Yamaha was happy with its performance in the market during October.

Performance was heightened with the launch of its scooter segment which helped garner some much needed sales during the festive season. Through it Yes Yamaha campaign, Yamaha wants to enhance the relationship it has with customers, and thereby, hope to attract increase sales.

India auto news release: Yamaha posts 5% sales growth in October 2012
~posts robust sales numbers on account of its new scooter RAY~

India Yamaha Motor, the world’s leading two wheeler manufacturer, has registered a growth of 4.8% in overall sales during October 2012 as compared to the corresponding period last year. The company continues to maintain an upward trend in sales on the back of its superb product line-up, new launch in the scooter segment and innovative customer centric activities.

The company sold 39,368 units in October 2012 as against 38,229 units sold in October last year in the domestic markets. In the Export markets the company sold 10,154 units in October 2012 as compared to 9,011 units in the same month last year. The overall sales stood at 49,522 units in October 2012 while 47,240 units were sold in October 2011, thereby registering 5% overall growth.

Speaking on the results, Mr. Jun Nakata, Director – Sales & Marketing, India Yamaha Motor, said, “We are very pleased with the sales growth that we’ve witnessed in the past month on account of our strong product portfolio, new launch in the scooter segment with RAY and high customer confidence in us. The new scooter RAY which is designed and conceptualized keeping in mind the young urban woman’s requirement of a stylish, convenient and feature rich product has received superb response from our target customers.”

“Our efforts towards enhancing our relationship with our esteemed customers through various initiatives like the Yamaha Safe Riding Science Programs, R15 One Make Race Championships and the Sales & Service camps have also been very rewarding. We are also planning to introduce the Yamaha Female Riding Training programme very soon meant exclusively for women. We’ve already expanded our dealer network and improved customer care quality for female customers by appointing more female staffs at customer contact points and introducing female customer care programs. Currently, India Yamaha Motor has more than 400 dealers across India and plans to spread out to more cities increasing its dealer network to 2000 by 2014. Looking at the growing demand of two wheelers in the tier 2 and tier 3 cities, Yamaha has embarked on building a strong dealership network in these cities. The company is also working on its secondary network to be realigned to reach more & more customers in rural areas.” he added.

The company is making rapid progress in its plans to establish a substantial market share in the scooter segment. The company which recently launched its scooter RAY which primarily targets a customer base of young urban women has received good response within few months of the product’s launch in the Indian market. With Ray, the Company formally announced its entry in the Indian scooter segment. RAY is the first Yamaha model to enter India’s scooter category and is strategically positioned to expand Yamaha’s share of the Indian market. With the addition of the scooter Ray in its portfolio, India Yamaha motor is looking at an overall market share of 10% with 15% share coming from the scooter segment by 2016.

Yamaha continues to reinforce its relationship with the customers and has launched the ‘YES!YAMAHA’ campaign that endeavors to provide the Best 3S Experience so that the customer always appreciates Yamaha and accepts the brand like the word “YES”.