001 F-TYPE presented to Jaguar Heritage

Jaguar, Jaguar Heritage and Coventry Transport Museum celebrate official opening of the all-new Jaguar Gallery (8)Test driver, Norman Dewis was present, and celebrated his 93rd birthday this week. He tested and developed over 25 Jaguar cars in his time. Thsi includes C and D-type through to XJ13, E-type, XJ-S, XJ40 and others. His birthday cake featured the XK120, which in 1953 broke the production car speed record in Jabbekeat a top speed of 172.4mph.

Ian Callum, Jaguar Design Director and Jaguar Heritage Trustee said, “The new Jaguar Gallery is a fitting celebration of eight decades of design and technical innovation in our spiritual home of Coventry, and today’s presentation of the new F-TYPE offers a glimpse into Jaguar’s future too. We are investing £2.75 billion across Jaguar Land Rover in product development annually, and our Whitley headquarters, just down the road, employs thousands of engineers and designers. All are fully focused on creating the next generation of Jaguar cars.”


Mike O’Driscoll, Jaguar Heritage Chairman said, “The Jaguar Gallery shows Jaguar’s development and progress through the years – from the SS products of the 1920s to the present day with the stunning new F-TYPE. We now have two public galleries, celebrating our rich heritage in making world-beating automobiles – the Jaguar Gallery here in our home city of Coventry and the Heritage Motor Centre at Jaguar Land Rover’s facility in Gaydon. These galleries represent fully active collections, and as Jaguar’s intention when manufacturing the cars, they continue to be used at iconic race circuits and Concours events all over the world.”

Joe Elliott, Coventry Transport Museum Chairman said, “Coventry Transport Museum is proud to have this fitting new tribute to the City’s most famous export in the shape of the marvellous new Jaguar Gallery. Our thanks to Jaguar and Jaguar Heritage for making it all possible, and now the Gallery is officially open we look forward to it being a great success as a new attraction at the museum. It has opened in time for the long summer holiday and will serve to inspire a new generation in our great city.”

In the buildup, a unique collection of Jaguar heritage sports cars drove into Coventry led by the new F-TYPE. The one of its kind convoy included a 1938 SS100, E-type, and the F-TYPE apart from 13 others vehicles. The gallery titled ‘The Jaguar Story – A History of Design and Technical Innovation’ is divided in 5 sections. ‘The Early Years’ (1920s to 1940s), ‘The Post War Boom and Glamorous 50s’, ‘The Swinging 60s’, ‘Growth and Consolidation’ (70s to 00s), and ‘Jaguar Present and Future’ (2005 and on..).