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1.9 million Toyota Prius cars recalled worldwide: 167 in India

toyota prius recall

Toyota Motor Corp has announced that they have noted a major software glitch on board the new hybrid Prius cars which could cause cars to stall. This has instigated the company to recall a total of 1.9 million Toyota Prius cars worldwide. Of these, 167 units are from India.

997,000 Prius hybrids will be recalled in Japan and another 713,000 units in North America followed by 130,000 Prius Hybrids in Europe and other regions. This recall is to rectify the software malfunction which could cause transistors to be damaged resulting in warning lights going off, driving power to be reduced and the car itself coming to a standstill.

toyota prius recallThough no accidents or any injuries have been reported due to this constraint, the company is not taking any chances and going ahead with rectifying the glitch on a war footing. The recalled hybrid Prius are those manufactured between periods March 2009 and February 2014.

Toyota Prius was world’s first mass produced gasoline electric hybrid car launched in 1997. It went on to be the most popular hybrid in the market, immediately finding favor with the likes of global celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz.

The Japanese automaker has suffered massive recalls ever since 2009 affecting over 14 million vehicles due to various problems which included floor mats, gas pedals and brakes. The latest Prius recall further damages the company’s long standing reputation for quality and safety.


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