1 millionth Jeep Wrangler JK came from Ohio plant

one-millionth Jeep Wrangler JK (2)Jeep Wrangler is looked upon as one of the most iconic of vehicles and to prove this point, its 1 millionth model has rolled off the production likes at the Chrysler Group Toledo Ohio Assembly Plant. The event was celebrated by one and all at the plant with top executives, employees and representatives of UAW all standing at the end of the production line to receive this 1 millionth model.

2013 Jeep Wrangler has been the recipient of a number of awards during the year denoting its outstanding acceptance and appeal. It has received the prize for Specialty Equipment Market Association’s Hottest 4×4 SUV, Petersen’s 4-Wheel & Off-Road Magazine’s 4×4 of the Year, and also Texas Auto Writers Association’s Mid-Size SUV of Texas besides a host of others.

Mauro Pino, Chrysler Group’s Vice President of Vehicle Assembly Operations said, “Every Jeep Wrangler sold to customers around the world is born in Toledo, Ohio.” He added, “Since this facility opened eight years ago, the Toledo workforce has built every one of those million vehicles with pride, passion and a focus on quality. We all look forward to building the next million.”

“More than 600 UAW-represented workers at the Wrangler assembly plant come to work every day with a dedication unmatched in the industry,” said Zach Leroux, Plant Manager – Toledo Assembly Complex, Chrysler Group. “We all understand that we are the keepers of the Jeep legacy and we take that role very seriously. The entire team is humbled to be part of this milestone moment.”

“The Toledo workforce understands that the Jeep brand’s success is directly related to the quality of their work,” said Dan Henneman, Jeep Unit Chairman of UAW Local 12. “They continue to rise to the challenge of meeting the demand for one of the most recognized sport-utility vehicles worldwide and demonstrating their commitment to millions of Jeep enthusiasts.”