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10 Points to Remember before Heading out On a Road Trip

Just the thought of driving away from the chaos of living in packed cities brings a smile to our lips. No matter how impromptu the plan is, your car needs to be in good shape for travelling. Timely servicing is essential for the same.

No one wants to endure a breakdown on a road trip. You’re probably never going to get to your destination on time, and your short getaway will turn into more than what you bargained for.

You’ll end up spending money you hadn’t planned on. Here are 10 tips that you can turn to, to ensure your road trip goes as per plan and throws up only pleasant surprises.

1. Always ensure that you don’t miss service dates. If you try to get an appointment for the last minute service, then chances are that you might not get the car back on time to begin your journey.

2. Do visit a service centre / local mechanic to check car fluid levels. A quick check should be made to get tyre air pressure corrected, and to ensure all lights are functional.

3. Apart from air pressure, wheels need to be checked for stress, puncture and alignment.

4. Take a look at the glove box to be certain all car papers are in there. Tick the checklist for car documents, registration papers, PUC and car insurance. Driving without any of your papers warrants a fine. Royal Sundaram General Insurance provides online renewal options if required. They also offer good two wheeler insurance options.

5. Open the puncture repair kit and check if all items are in it. Ensure you carry a jack and/or mobile tyre inflator. Your spare tyre may have to be put in use so it’s a good idea to check if it’s inflated.

6. Do a thorough check under the bonnet to see all wires are insulated. Check wiring for lights so there’s no loose connection.

7. Check for battery water and fill up levels.

8. Carry enough newspaper to wipe away fog. Turn on the wipers to ensure they move as expected.

9. Take along sufficient dry food and bottled water in case your commute is longer than planned for unexpected reasons.

10. Carry a safety kit with a small wrench pack, cutter, car glass hammer, seatbelt cutter, battery pack, and if possible, a spare phone.

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