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10 Valentine Gift Ideas for Car and Bike lovers

10 – Saddle Bags and Premium Motorcycle Cover

Saddle bags or motorcycle covers make suitable Valentine’s Day gifts for biking enthusiasts. Riders have a host of items they need to carry on their journey, which can be suitable placed in saddle bags that are available in various capacities and for different uses. It is best to buy waterproof saddle bags with lockable facilities so contents can be kept dry and safe in all weather conditions.

Motorcycle covers are for those who do not have the option of parking their bikes in a safe garage while others would even like to cover their bikes when parked in a garage for added protection from dust. Quality bike covers are made of heavy duty plastic, polyurethane and breathable material and are offered in various sizes and shapes while some can even be tailor made to fit the bike.

There are also some quality motorcycle covers that cover the bike like a virtual garage with heat shields, venting and waterproof surfaces. These covers also have lockable hems that protect the bike and cover from being stolen.

These covers are also malleable and can be folded and stored away when not in use and make ideal Valentine’s Day gifts to protect the bike from heat, dust, wind, water and bird droppings.

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