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1193 cars torched in France during 2013 New Year celebrations


1193 cars torched in France during 2013 New Year celebrations, and this seems to be a continuing trend these past few years, making the situation sensitive and endangering traffic and road safety.

1193 cars torched in France during 2013 New Year celebrationsPeople have a number of interesting ways to celebrate New Year’s Day, most prefer partying while others folk to location to view awesome firework displays designed to usher in the New Year. However, French are known for torching vehicles to brighten up the skies during these festivities. Reports state that there were 1,193 vehicles torched during celebrations this year.

This is the first time in three years that figures have been revealed to the public. Last known figures for 2009 saw 1147 vehicles torched by gangs and other individuals to claim insurance money. The tradition started when poor folks from neighborhoods started torching vehicles in 1990. Since then, there is a marked increase of cars being torched to celebrate events or protest against notions and ideals.

To top it all, members taking part in such acts, find it amusing to promote their activities on social networking sites so as to egg on rivals to partake in such events where one who torches most cars is a winner. Declaration of number of cars burnt this year is a cause of concern as some people might take it as a cue to increase their efforts during 2014 New Year celebrations.


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