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13 auto manufacturers in top 100 Interbrand best global brands

At top of the list are companies such as Apple and Google, followed by Coca-Cola, IBM, Microsoft, GE, Samsung, Toyota, McDonald’s and Mercedes Benz. Land Rover is the only Indian owned brand on this list of 100 top brands placed in a higher position than other global brands such as FedEx, Huawei, Heineken, Pizza Hut, BOSS, Nokia, Gap and Nintendo.

In fact of 13 auto brands feature in the top 100 list. Toyota has gained favour as the most valuable automotive name in Interbrand’s Best Global Brands list this year moving up 2 places to 8. Mercedes-Benz has moved up a place to 10 this year. BMW was listed at 11. Honda remains at 20. Volkswagen came in at 31, and Ford Motor at 39. Hyundai drives in at No. 40, Audi at 45, Nissan at 56, Porsche at 60, Kia at 74, Chevrolet at 82, and Tata Motors-owned Land Rover at 91.

Land Rover, owned by Tata Motors, is significant for its British engineering and expertise in the SUV segment. Heavy investments are seen where design, facility and infrastructure are concerned with mention on the world’s 100 most valuable brands as the only Indian owned entity.

The new list compiled by Interbrand, a leading brand consultancy firm, mentions Land Rover ranked at 91st position with brand value of $4.47 billion. Apple, which is at the top of the list has a valuation of $119 billion, followed by Google with a valuation of $107 billion, with these two companies being the only two with brand value above $100 billion.

To find mention on the list of Best Global Brands, the brand should meet required standards. The brand should be global in operations to surpass all geographic and cultural boundaries. The brand should have a notable presence in markets of Asia, Europe and North America while extensive coverage in emerging markets as well.

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