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Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 gets 15 punctures – How puncture scams work (Caught on video)

With increasing incidents of multiple punctures reported across Pune in the last couple of years, this may be the first time there’s video evidence of how the scam is carried out. By a stroke of good luck, Ajay Mahajan captured the puncture scam episode on his GoPro.

Upon viewing the footage much later, he was able to see a miscreant at work. His job was to ensure multiple punctures become a reality. The earlier modus operandi was to purposefully drop nails on roads and point out to bikers punctures they were unaware of. At the time of counting, an absurdly high number of punctures would be found, and the charge to fix them was Rs 100 per puncture with slight negotiations possible. It’s always been difficult to understand how so many punctures were found at a time. It’s now easy to see how. The punctures are created, and a random number picked, and the multiple puncture scam is brought to life.

In his words – ‘Last week I went to Pune and there I noticed that my bike’s rear tyre is having less air in it. So, I decided to check whether there is any puncture of not. But then they tricked me into talking and manually attacked my rear tyre with more punctures purposefully.

I couldn’t notice this thing that time, but when I came back home I saw the footage I recorded and I can clearly see what they did.

On 25th Feb 2018, I went again to Pune and told everything to police. I literally had only 1500 rupees in my pocket at that time and they made 15 punctures on my Tyre. And I had to give them all the money I had.

The situation could have been more complicated, the consequences could have been so bad. I was lucky, nothing happened with me, and I came back safely. Watch the full video below. Hat tip to Ajay Mahajan for clicking this video and sharing with us.

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