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Top 10 150cc to 200cc Motorcycles Oct 2020 – Pulsar, Apache, Unicorn, FZ, Xtreme, Hornet, R15

Bajaj Pulsar NS200
Bajaj Pulsar NS200

Bajaj Pulsar series leads 150cc -200cc segment sales triumphantly in October 2020

150cc-200cc segment motorcycle sales in October 2020 grew 29.6 percent to 2,03,326 units from 1,56,883 units at 46,443 units volume gain. MoM sales growth is reported at 11.67 percent, up from 1,82,075 units. Bajaj Pulsar sales dominates at 32.13 percent share. Sales grew to 65,332 units, up 19.42 percent, up from 54,709 units at 10,623 units in volume gain. MoM sales growth is higher at 41.90 percent, up from 46,041 units at volume gain of 19,291 units.

Two wheeler sales 2020

Traditionally, festive season sales in the country usually manages to report an uptick in activity, and in 2020, more than ever before this has been a necessity. With sales activity having contracted to 0 for a few weeks starting at March end when complete lockdown was announced, sales in recent weeks has brought upon some cheer.

150cc-200cc Motorcycle Sales Oct 2020
150cc-200cc Motorcycle Sales Oct 2020 vs Oct 2019 (YoY)

While this won’t be enough to post recovery, it does help in posting strong Q4 2020 sales to end the year on a positive note. Sales has been fuelled not just by planned purchases but also owing to low base numbers in 2019 when the industry was already in the grip of a slowdown. Add to this deferred purchase decisions owing to lockdown, a multitude of specially curated finance plans to encourage sales, and a renewed discussion around personal mobility, circumstances have aided current purchase decisions.

Sales growth for most

TVS Apache series sold collectively at 40,943 units at 20.21 percent growth to account for 20.14 percent market share. Volume gain stood at 6,884 units from 34,059 units. MoM gain is reported at 8.35 percent, up from 37,788 units. Honda Unicorn 160 takes third spot at 28,313 units sold at 3.04 percent gain, up from 27,477 units. MoM sales decline is reported at 9.38 percent, down from 31,242 units. MoM MS declined from 17.16 percent to 13.92 percent.

150cc-200cc Motorcycle Sales Oct 2020
150cc-200cc Motorcycle Sales Oct 2020 vs Sep 2020 (MoM)

Yamaha FZ sales is reported at 20,164 units at 34.07 percent gain, up from 15,040 units. MoM sales was stable, down 20 units fro 20,184 units. Xtreme 160R sales is reported at 12,480 units. MoM sales declined by 3.48 percent, down from 12,930 units. Hornet 2.0 sales is reported at 7,279 units, accounting for 3.58 percent market share. MoM sales fell by 11.63 percent, down from 8,237 units at volume loss of just under 1k units.

YoY Yamaha R15 sales was steady at 6,259 units, up 1.74 percent from 6,152 units. MoM sales growth was heartening at 33.28 percent, up from 4,696 units. For the most part, recent MoM sales growth has been a norm in recent months as businesses have been able to sort supply chain and logistics, to improve production, distribution, and delivery while fulfilling pent-up and current demand. Bajaj Avenger sales grew 13.79 percent, up at 5,487 units from 4,822 units. MoM sales grew 11.91 percent, up from 4,903 units.

No150-200cc M’cycle SalesOct-20Oct-19
3Unicorn 16028,31327,477
5Xtreme 160R12,4800
6HORNET 2.07,2790
9X Blade4,1933,062
10MT 154,1362,124
12KTM 2002,6952,432
13XPULSE 2002,4732,769

X-Blade sales growth is reported at 36.94 percent, up at 4,193 units from 3,062 units. MoM sales decline saw volume loss of 1,251 units, down from 5,444 units. MT 15 sales grew by almost double at 94.73 percent, up at 4,136 units from 2,124 units. MoM sales is stable at loss of 20 units in volume, down from 4,156 units.

Gixxer sales fell 22.46 percent to 3,272 units from 4,220 units. MoM sales grew 67.37 percent, up from 1,955 units. KTM 200 sales grew 10.81 percent to 2,695 units from 2,432 units. It accounts for a mere 1.33 percent of total segment market share. MoM sales fell 5.17 percent from 2,842 units.

X Pulse 200 sales declined 10.69 percent to 2,473 units from 2,769 units. MoM sales growth was strong at 76.90 percent, up from 1,398 units. While Hero MotoCorp dominates the motorcycle market, this segment isn’t helping Hero punch in numbers. Intruder sales grew to 300 units from 17. MoM growth was 15.83 percent, up from 259 units.

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