16-18 year olds can now get license for 100cc gearless bikes

Noting increasing number of teenagers riding bikes illegally, the Government of India now permits youngsters between ages of 16-18 to ride 100cc gearless bikes.

As per prevailing regulations, 16-18 year olds can get a license to ride gearless two wheelers below 50cc. But this is a bit of a useless permission granted, as there is not a single 50cc two wheeler on sale in India today.

Though there are a number of scooters below 100cc but to ride these geared two wheelers, the rider should be at least 18 years old to procure a license. This regulation is about to change very soon.

The Government of India is going to approve a new regulation wherein youngsters in the 16-18 age bracket can get a license for riding 100cc gearless bikes. This regulation was first recommended by state transport ministers in June 2016 and the proposal is being considered and soon to come into effect.

There are a number of such scooters and motorcycles in this category on sale in India which include TVS Scooty Streak and Pep, Hero Pleasure, Honda Dio and Activa –i. The Bajaj CT100, Hero HF Dawn and Deluxe, Hero Splendor Plus and Hero Passion Pro I3S are also in this category. But they are not gearless.

Apart from this new regulation, the Government has also approved new registration plates for electric vehicles. These will be seen in green color with white lettering for private cars and in yellow lettering for commercial vehicles.

This will give these vehicles preference over their conventional fuelled counterparts in terms of parking slots, toll charges, etc as the Government pushes for increased use of electric vehicles to curb the pollution menace.