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19 yr old boy from Mumbai builds a car by watching YouTube videos

Prem Thakur has got himself a car which he has built with his bare hands. Limited in engineering skills and with restricted financial resources at his disposal, this 19-year-old boy from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai has designed his own car by watching YouTube videos.

Thakur now roams the streets in this new buggy car and is the center of attraction, causing many viewers to photograph this vehicle and its owner as he passes by.

Speaking to Amol Lalzare of Video Volunteers, who reported this story initially, Thakur, a commerce student at a local college, states that despite no engineering background, he was determined to accomplish this feat. He watched YouTube Do-It-Yourself videos and managed to build the car from scratch.

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He put the car together in a matter of four months, built it from the chassis up and even painted the car himself while he fitted it with a second hand Hyundai Accent engine. This handmade buggy sports side blinkers and a music system along with a USB port. He and his family are proud of his efforts and Thakur now wants to test his car on the race track while he wishes to become an automobile engineer in the future.

Accomplishing this feat was not easy for either Thakur or his family. Thakur’s father is an autorickshaw driver with a daily income of INR 500-600 ($7-9). Family support and an internet connection made it possible for Thakur to realize his dream of building a car all by himself which cost around INR 2.5 lakhs.

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