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1949 Flying car is up for sale, but you need 8 different licenses to use it


The world’s first flying car is now up for sale. Valued at $938,340, this 21 ft long car was built by Moulton Taylor in 1949. Also known as Taylor Aerocar, this car features foldable wings which quickly makes the change from a flying car to a road vehicle and vice versa.

1949 Flying car is up for sale at a price $1 millionAerocar can be flown in the air or driven on road and is fitted with a Lycoming O-320 four cylinder engine producing 143 hp, which is transmitted to rear wheels. When on road, this car has a top speed of 188 kmph, and when in air, this can cruise at a speed of 156 kmph (or 84 kn). It has a range of 483 kms and has a gross weight of 953 kgs.

The wings have a span of 30 ft. The 21 ft Aerocar accommodates two in side by side seating arrangement. Along with the original prototype, five other Aerocars (according to WikiPedia) were built. One of these is owned by Smithsonian while the second is at the Experimental Aircraft Association Museum while two other are in the possession of private collectors out of which one is ready for sale.

None of Aerocar’s protype’s entered production. The closest Taylor reached, was managing to garner some attention from Ford, but that too fizzled out. One of the reason behind the idea not taking off, could be the about paper work one needs in order to drive/fly one, as James May highlights in the video below. He says, in order to drive an Aerocar you need 8 different licenses. So, before you decide to bid, see how many licenses do you already have, or would be eligible.


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