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1976 Tyrrell P34 6 wheeled F1 car goes on sale: £750,000 expected price


The 1976 F1 car Tyrrell P34 six wheeled car has been put on sale. The car was once dubbed most radical car and saw 14 podium finishes and one victory for Tyrrell during its two season appearance. Designed by engineer Dave Gardner in 1976, especially for British F1 race team P34 is seen with four small front wheels and an enhanced aerodynamic design giving superior cornering facilities and better gripping on track.

In 2004, this six wheeled car received enormous attention when it was voted most radical F1 car with a 63.5% vote by Autosport magazine. The prize winning vehicle that was once raced by Partick Depallier has been put up for sale by race car specialists Taylor & Crawley with an expected price of £750,000. Powered by a 3 liter V8 engine, the six wheeler is capable of 465 bhp and weighs just 595 kgs. Fitted with two sets of 10” wheels at the front means that contact with tarmac and grip is more enhanced specially while tackling corners.

Taylor & Crawley’s David Clarke has stated that this P34 was a one of a kind and innovative car when it was initially launched. Buyers should be well aware that this sort of a vehicle is no longer in the making and hence it should receive its fair share of attention from auto enthusiasts when it goes on sale.


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