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1993 Bajaj Chetak Scooter Restored To Full Glory – Old Vs Modified

At the time of its launch, Bajaj Chetak was one of the most powerful petrol scooters in India

Old Bajaj Chetak Scooter Modified
Old Bajaj Chetak Scooter Modified

The current generation of millennials would resonate with an electric scooter when they hear the name Bajaj Chetak. But there is a large section of auto fanatics as well as mass consumers who would go back in time to the original petrol sipping Chetak. The two-stroke engine-powered scooter was no less than a revolution in India.

First launched in the country way back in 1972, Chetak remained in production till 2005. Its design was originally based on Vespa Sprint but was later replaced by an all-new in-house design that shared a similar general appearance and style. During the peak of its popularity, this scooter had a waiting period that stretched to almost ten years.

Restored Chetak 12 Volt Electronic

A 1993-produced model of Chetak has been restored by a person from Kerala. The restoration process has been discussed in detail in a video uploaded by MUNDODI VLOGS on YouTube. The video features a 12 Volt Electronic variant of the OG Chetak which was powered by a 145.45cc, two-stroke, single-cylinder engine that produced 7.5 bhp at 5500rpm and a peak torque of 10.8 Nm at 3500rpm.

Prior to its restoration, the Chetak in discussion was in poor condition as rust had crept into most components of the scooter. For starters, the scooter rolls on 10-inch steel wheels shod with a 100/90 profile of tyres. The wheel rims, wheel hubs and front spring have been chrome plated that lends the scooter a retro charm.

Further, chrome-plated protective guard rails have been added to the front mudguard as well as the rear side panels. More chrome usage can be seen in the form of custom linings on the front fender and a stainless steel plate attached to the horn grille. Further, the rubber mats on the floorboard have been replaced by aluminium plating with proper drain holes to avoid rusting.

An aftermarket side chrome-plated side stand has been added to the scooter which further accentuates its vintage appearance on it. The spare wheel which is normally found at the rear has been moved to the front glove area in order to provide a clean and sleek look to the tail section.

As we can see, the engine is mounted on the right side of the scooter and the removable body panel comes with an aftermarket chrome plate for ventilation. It comes with a traditional split seat setup with a spring-loaded front seat for the rider. To add a fresh appeal, the scooter has been given a paint job and is now wrapped in a deep blue shade.

Old Bajaj Chetak Scooter - Old vs Modified
Old Bajaj Chetak Scooter – Old vs Modified

Restored Engine

Restoration of the engine has also been done since rust had crept into the powertrain as well. Major components like the cylinder and piston head have been changed. Further, the engine cover has been plated with stainless steel and the entire engine has been powder coated with Zinc to avoid rusting. Also, a new carburettor has been added for a better air-fuel mixture.

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