Review: 2011 Ford Fiesta 1.5 TI-VCT Petrol and 1.5 TDCI Diesel (pictures)

Driving the brand new Ford Fiesta 1.5 TI-VCT Petrol and 1.5 TDCI Diesel is an experience that one should not miss. Probably targeting the younger generation due to its classic exteriors and overall appeal, the new Fiesta seems to have a larger and more spacious overall look than its predecessor. Sportier in appearance and ready for action to take on sub-standard road conditions in India, the Ford Fiesta is an instant winner. This is probably due to its exciting new design and color. Ford Fiesta looks sturdy and powerfully built from outside and comfortable and luxurious on the inside.

Rich kinetic blue in color the Ford Fiesta possesses raked headlights and well built and burly wheel arches lending to its sporty image. A great attraction for today’s younger generation who would love the Fiesta’s stylish yet belligerent style and design.

Interiors are just perfect to attract the attention of younger buyers who would love the luxurious bucket seating. The doors are heavy weight and solidly built to give a sturdy door closing effect. A well designed dash board in satin finish looks appealing but its plastic accessories feel discounted and not in keeping with the finish of Ford’ other models, especially considering the segment that Ford Fiesta is targeting. Better quality would have been appreciated more in this area.

Other than that, the attention to detailing is an advantage. Convenient place for clipping on toll receipt holder, good quality fabric for door linings, spacious boot or luggage space and airy interiors, in addition to comfortable distance between pedals and comfortable ergonomic bucket seats make driving of this car an elevated driving experience.

Comfortable and smooth cruising, effective voice control in top right hand panel, and in addition a good quality stereo function adds to the overall effect of making the Ford Fiesta a top car for buyers in the segment. Owners will really revel in its innumerable functions, be it high quality Bluetooth function to its air-conditioning and highly improved fuel economy the Ford Fiesta has plenty of accessories and functions to keep the younger generation of drivers happy.

Rear seating is comfortable for two adults which is ideal for a family car. Though the rear seats lack AC vents the car seems to be designed for being owner driven rather than chauffeur driving. It is ideally suited as a small family car where four persons fit in at ease making it a bit cramped if the car is chauffeur driven or if a fifth person is to be accommodated.

On selection between petrol driven or diesel driven Ford Fiesta, the Diesel variant seems to be a better option. Especially for expressway or highway driving, the diesel variant will be a mightier and more fuel efficient car. One just has to wait and see what the pricing is like. It is hoped that price of Ford Fiesta would be on the lines of Ford Figo which is at present quite popular and doing good sales in Indian auto markets. But if it is priced above, the company may have some difficulty in achieving sales targets.