2011 JK Tyre VW Polo-R Cup winner Vishnu Prasad heads to 2012 Scirocco Cup (Photos)

This year too, the 2011 JK Tyre VW Polo-R Cup final held in Chennai had viewers and racers wait with baited breath until the very end to know who would emerge victorious. With only 24 points separating the top 6 racer’s point total, it could have been anyone’s game.

With the final race at the 2011 JK Tyre VW Polo-R Cup seeing drivers lineup at starting position in reverse grid order as per rules, it was never going to be a podium finish for the young racers who fought it out at the Polo R Cup in the qualifying session at final race weekend of the JK-Volkswagen Polo Cup India.

With the MMSC Race Track, Irungattukottai on the outskirts of Chennai being a rather dismal picture on Saturday with incessant bouts of rain, it was Sunday that everyone was waiting for. The penultimate race saw Avdumber Hede in pole position followed by Oshan Kothadiya, and Vishnu Prasad respectively. Whether Vishnu Prasad had strategized this result for himself or not, it obviously pointed to the fact that he may have been saving the best for the end.

The 15 lap short-loop final race saw Vishnu Prasad take the lead amongst the top six by race end, and though this podium wasn’t his for the taking the results did seal his future racing plants. Vishnu will now go where Aditya Patel headed in an earlier season, the Scirocco Cup. While most racing categories in India leave one major question unanswered, i.e., where does one go from here, a VW Polo-R Cup win in India ensures a seat at the Scirocco Cup, paving the way for future racing opportunities.