Touring car driver Phillip Yau Wing-Choi dies in crash at Macau GP: Motorsports safety


Following death of Portuguese motorcyclist Luis Filipe de Sousa Carreira on the Macau Grand Prix Guia Circuit on Thursday, Friday saw another death of a touring race car driver Phillip Yau Wing-Choi due to a crash while qualifying. Phillip Yau Wing-Choi crashed into Mandarin Bend at the circuit. Damage was so great that his car had to be cut to extricate the driver from its interiors and though Yau was immediately removed to hospital he was declared dead within a short time of 27 minutes.

Organizers state that though these two deaths have occurred they will not be cancelling any of the forthcoming events. Track safety is not an issue and it is not the cause of these two crashes. The track has been in existence for the past 60 years.

Yau was racing in a Chevrolet Cruze when it suddenly came around the right hand bend, slammed into the barriers and crumpled before bursting into flames. Yau is an experienced Macau competition who has already won two races on this track while Carreira was competing for the seventh time in the biking category. Two deaths in two days is unfortunate and the Macau government will bear all costs related to these deaths.



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