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Update: Price Rs 7.19 lakhs for 2012 Renault Duster SUV launch in India: Petrol and diesel specs (Photos & Video)

Update: Price Rs 7.19 lakhs for 2012 Renault Duster SUV launch in India. Bookings are open and orders are pouring in for the Renault Duster. The petrol TxE, and RxL variants are fitted with a 1.6L engine. The 1.5dCi engine powers the diesel RxE, RxL and RxZ. With max power recorded at 102 PS for the petrol car, and 85 PS and 110 PS for the diesel Duster SUV’s you’re looking at 5 speed manual transmission for the base level vehicles.

The diesel high end is being offered as a 6 speed manual (MT). In regards to safety, dual front airbags, ABS, ABD, and Brake assist are not a standard feature on the entry level vehicles. Available both in petrol and diesel variants, Renault Duster will have an acceptable level of fuel economy which is something customers are on the lookout for especially in these days of escalating petrol prices.

Duster 102 PS petrol version will offer 13.24 kmpl while the 85 PS diesel variant will offer 20.46 kmpl and the 110 PS diesel Duster will offer 19.01 kmpl. The petrol engined Duster will also be fitted with a full hydraulic power steering and diesel variants will be fitted with electro hydraulic power steering. All Renault Duster variants will come with a 2+2 years or 80,000km warranty and will be offered in two wheel drives in the country. Standing tall on 16″ steel wheels, the latest Indian SUV is poised to change auto market dynamics.

Petrol engine 104PS

RxE: 7.19 lakh ($13,143 or £8,393)
RxL: 8.19 lakh ($14,963 or £9,558)

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Diesel Engine 85PS

RxE: 7.99 lakh ($14,598 or £9,323)
RxL: 8.99 lakh ($16,421 or £10,487)
RxL diesel optional pack: 9.99 lakh ($18,252 or £11,654)

Diesel engine 110PS

RxL: 9.99 lakh ($18,252 or £11,654)
RxZ: 10.99 lakh ($20,069 or £12,815)
RxZ diesel optional pack: 11.29 lakh ($20,617 or £13,165)

All prices ex-showroom New Delhi

Renault Duster Mileage

Duster Petrol: 13.24 kmpl
Duster 85 Diesel: 20.45 kmpl
Duster 110 Diesel: 19.01 kmpl

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