2012 Scirocco R Cup sees ex DTM star Markus Winkelhock in first place

DTM stat Markus Winkelhock took first place at the 2012 Scirocco R Cup finals. Runner up was Jann Hendrik Ubben and Adam Gladysz. Kris Nissen, Volkswagen Motorsports Director said that it was for the first time that Markus Winkelhock had his name on the winning list while spectators too enjoyed his performance.

Winkelhock did particularly well in qualifying events as well and though he did have a shaky start it was his performance throughout the race that made him achieve his victory. It was from lap four that Winkelhock cemented his position only to go on increasing his distance from the field in the following eleven laps to take the lead right till the end to finish in top of the podium.

Winkelhock had a seven second advantage ahead of Ubben and this was Winkelhock’s tribute to his father Manfred Winkelhock who died in 1985 and had been a winner in the Volkswagen Scirocco in VW Junior Cup in 1976.

News Release: A high-calibre field and a spectacular premiere – for the first time in the history of the world’s most eco-friendly one-make cup a Legends entrant – ex DTM star Markus Winkelhock – took victory. The runner-up was Jann-Hendrik Ubben ahead of Adam Gladysz. Kris Nissen, Volkswagen Motorsport Director: “A brilliant race. I’m happy to see that for the first time a Legends entrant – Markus Winkelhock – has entered his name on the winners’ lists. I think we again delivered a thrilling race to the spectators.”

After an outstanding qualifying performance Winkelhock tackled his Scirocco R-Cup debut from the pole position. A somewhat unfortunate start, though, caused the 31-year-old Swabian to lose one place right in the early phase of the race. Jann-Hendrik Ubben, who overtook the former DTM racer in his near-285-HP bio natural gas Scirocco thanks to the innovative push-to-pass system directly at the start, benefited from the mishap. But as early as on lap four Winkelhock struck back and used the push-to-pass button with 50 additional HP to recapture the lead. On the following eleven laps Winkelhock steadily increased his distance from the field and finished on the top of the podium as the beaming winner with a roughly seven-second advantage ahead of Ubben. With his triumph the 31-year-old followed up on the success of his father Manfred Winkelhock, who died in 1985 and in 1976 had also been the winner on his race debut in a Volkswagen Scirocco in the VW Junior Cup.

A captivating duel was also shown by the other Legends entrants in the mid-field. Mathias Lauda skilfully kept the American Dennis Trebing at bay over several laps, keeping the crowd in the well-filled stands in suspense. The son of the three-time Formula 1 World Champion Niki Lauda finished his second race in the Scirocco R-Cup in ninth place. In the third duel between the two ex DTM campaigners Kurt Thiim and Klaus Niedzwiedz in the Scirocco R-Cup the Dane and former DTM Champion prevailed in twelfth place. Niedzwiedz managed to advance from grid position 19 to 13th place. For Ola Nilsson, who had travelled to Lausitz as the overall winner, the race ended in fourth place. The Swede thus lost his overall lead to Jann-Hendrik Ubben.

# 30 Markus Winkelhock
Qualifying: 1 – race 1: “The whole weekend was superb: second place in practice, pole in qualifying and victory in the end. I felt comfortable in the Scirocco right from the beginning. At the start I was too heavy on the throttle, which caused my wheels to spin so I had to let Jann-Hendrik Ubben pass me. On lap four I surprised him with my push-to-pass attempt and was then able to keep the lead all the way to the finish. My father won his first race in the then Scirocco Cup 35 years ago – now I’ve come full circle. That goes to show that it all stays in the family.”

# 18 Jann-Hendrik Ubben
Qualifying: 2 – race 2: “My start was perfect but from the fourth lap on Markus Winkelhock showed his presence. Due to the qualifying times I knew that he was clearly quicker but I didn’t want to admit defeat without putting up a fight. When he passed on the back straight I defended my second place against Gladysz. For me, it’s an honour to have driven against a racer like Markus Winkelhock and to have even led for a few laps, considering all the things he has already achieved.”

# 21 Adam Gladysz
Qualifying: 3 – race 3: “I’m very happy. Due to my third place at the Lausitzring I’m now also third in the overall standings. My initial phase in the race was good and after the start I was able to keep the pace of Ubben and Winkelhock. Later, I also tried an attack on Jann-Hendrik but hit the grass in the process. Afterwards, the gap was too large and I wanted to make sure to bring home third place.”

# 31 Mathias Lauda
Qualifying: 8 – race 9: “Unfortunately, I didn’t have a good start and then I was running in a pack throughout the race. Maybe I could have pushed some more but I didn’t want to risk too much because the boys are driving for championship points. Altogether, it’s been huge fun for me and I’ll be pleased to run again at any time.”

# 28 Kurt Thiim
Qualifying: 13 – race 12: “I’m happy that my son Sohn Nicki upheld the family’s honour with his victory in the Porsche Carrera Cup. In my race, I didn’t manage an optimal start but then made up ground again. I did achieve the most important goal, though. I stayed in front of Niedzwiedz. Now the score is 2-1 in my favour. I’m sure there’ll be some banter about that in the next few days.”

# 29 Klaus Niedzwiedz
Qualifying: 19 – race 13: “Starting from position 18 and then seeing the chequered flag in 13th place – as an ‘older gentleman’ you can be pleased with that. I had a few nice duels thanks to the push-to-pass system and in the end it was almost enough to beat Kurt Thiim. Naturally I’ll have to listen to his bantering about that now but the next revenge will certainly come – and hopefully it’ll be in the Scirocco R-Cup again.”