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2012 US Grand Prix sees cowboys on podium: 13 points separate Fernando Alonso from Vettel

Michael Schumacher, of Mercedes AMG Petronas started the 2012 US Grand Prix at No.5 on the grid. Earlier expecting to start at 6th place, luck was in his favor when he got pushed up a spot ahead due to Romain Grosjean having to take on a gearbox change which landed him a 5 place penalty. This is Romain Grosjean’s 2nd penalty of the year for the same technicality. Schumacher was happy with his new position and looked forward to a good performance after which he leaves the team after the season.

Starting from the clean side of the grid along with the fact that his car has stood him in its stead, Schumacher was positive of his performance at the finals. While Schumacher started up ahead on the grid, fellow team mate Nico Rosberg was in P17 on the grid. Despite decent practice sessions being better, Rosberg floundered in round 2 of the qualifying due to problems experienced with his tyres.

Sebastian Vettel again began in pole position, followed by Lewis Hamilton, Mark Webber, Kimi Raikkonen and Schumacher in No.5 position. Ferrari, opted for a 5 place penalty for Filipe Massa with a breaking the gearbox seal penalty in a quest to give Fernando Alonso a fighting chance that let him begin on the clean side of the track to keep to his goal of acquiring more points in order to inch closer to Sebastian Vettel’s championship points. Alonso finshed the race in 3rd place and now the point difference between Vettel and Alonso has been reduced to 13 points.

Lewis Hamilton’s 109th Grand Prix start resulted in his 21st win. It was Vettel’s 100th GP, and he crossed the line 2nd. Nico Hulkenberg secured 4 points with his 8th place finish. Schumacher dropped to 16th place or Mercedes AMG Petronas by race end. Michael Schumacher will retire from Formula one at the end of this season and he will be replaced by McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton from next year. Schumacher, seven time world champion, was earlier linked with a move to Sauber for 2013 but has decided to end his F1 career which started in 1991.


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