2013 Engen VW and Volkswagen Polo R Cup India

2013 Volkswagen Polo R Cup India2013 Volkswagen Cup leader Kosie Weyer did well to notch up two successive wins during second round of the one-make championship held over the past weekend. Having won both races he has now increased his lead by 27 points. The first race saw Weyer sprint to take lead ahead of Shaun La Reservee who didn’t give up very easily and continued to wrestle back his position until the end of the 8-lap race. The action packed race saw Weyers, cross the finish line a mere 0.095 second earlier than La Reservee. Tasmin Pepper took the third place thereby claiming her first podium finish of this season.

During the second race, Weyers moved up the pack from third place while Mathew Hodges tried to take the lead. However, Weyers didn’t budge claiming a first place finish yet again. Tasmin Pepper wasn’t very lucky this time as she was forced to concede the race after an incident which saw Simon Moss nudging her into the path of three drivers. The event saw guest racer Denis Droppa take part, after which he found that the series is quite demanding in present times as it was back then. He competed as a Master Racer, the category saw Eddie Rodrigues win both races of the day.

Volkswagen Polo Cup single-series championships are held each year in India, China, and Europe. In that capacity, the 2013 Engen Volkswagen Cup series is similar bringing to the forefront new racing talent. The Engen seriessees about 35 drivers take the wheel of 2.0-litre 234bhp Volkswagen Polo Vivo racing cars. Round 3 of the 2013 series will be held at Aldo Scribante Raceway on 6th April.? For the Volkswagen Polo R Cup 2013 in India, driver selection was on at the Coimbatore Kari Motor Speedway. On day 3, elimination was on the basis of first day’s performance, driving sessions, fitness session and final results. Once selections are confirmed, final team announcement and car launch for the 2013 season of Volkswagen Polo R cup wuld be scheduled for May 2013. Thereafter, car and driver introductions are followed by a fitness camp for the drivers. Volkswagen Polo R Cup 2013 India racing season begins in June.