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2013 Indian GP, Alonso: “As for the future, we will be happy to come back if it returns”

“Even when I am racing go-karts with my friends I give it a hundred percent, because I don’t like losing! So, you can imagine how high is the motivation in a Formula 1 Grand Prix. So for the rest of the year, I will be trying to score as many points as possible to help the team achieve its current goal of finishing second in the Constructors’ championship.”

There have been suggestions that Vettel might just settle for enough points to be crowned champion on Sunday, but that’s not Fernando’s view. “If it was the last race, he could be more conservative, but with four races to go, it’s only a matter of time before he wins the championship and so I think he will try and win all four remaining races, which he has the potential to do. My plan is to do my race as best as I can and try to get some top three finishes to enjoy the podium ceremony, the trophy and the champagne. As for when Sebastian takes the title, it is up to him to decide which is the best country to celebrate in!” The Spaniard singled out Brazil as the track that might deliver the best result for the Prancing Horse in what’s left of 2013. “Ferrari has always gone well there,” he said. “And the rain could also open a window of possibilities for our team. But it will be important to do our very best at all the races.”

The Indian media have proved quick to learn about what is a new sport to them, but it’s clear they are disappointed that the race does not feature on next year’s calendar. “I like this circuit a lot, especially the second and third sectors with a lot of high speed corners,” said Fernando when asked for his view of the track. “I think all the drivers like it here. As for the future, we will be happy to come back if it returns.”

Despite the fact that the end of what has been a very tough season is approaching, Fernando hasn’t lost his sense of humour. Asked if he could see similarities between Vettel and Michael Schumacher he reckoned he couldn’t answer, “because to be honest, I never get close enough to Sebastian.” Had it affected his morale to see that another driver is about to get a fourth title? The Spaniard’s attitude was sanguine. “I am still only 32 and it’s not the last year of my career, so I am sure I will have other opportunities. Of course I would like to win more championships. I have finished second three times in recent years, which could be considered sad, when you are so close to winning, but I am extremely proud of what I am doing now. I feel I am in the best form of my life and driving the best races right now.”

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