2013 Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo European series gets underway at Monza

2013 Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo European series (17)The past weekend saw commencement of Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo European series. The event saw participation of 22 cars and a host of new teams and drivers and the new Gallardo race car taking center stage. The new Gallardo LP 570-4 Super Trofeo saw an improved best lap time as compared to what was achieved in 2012 while Laurent Jenny recorded best weekend performance in three seasons. Amici won race 2, climbing 16 places while Alessandra Brena, 17, set lap time inside the top ten. Adrian Zaugg was in the lead over 6s in the second race but met with a puncture.

Andrea Mame suffered high speed accident during qualifying which destroyed his car though he returned to the grid the next day ready for the race. Race 2 saw Laurent Jenny claim second podium in just a few hours and also marked the comeback of Andrea Mame and Mirko Zanardini who finished fourth. Jimmy Ghione, Italian TV celebrity sped across the finish line in 8th place while in race 2 the vehicle suffered a brake problem resulting in a series of pitstops and trips to the gravel. Lamborghini test driver Mario Fasanetto and Ghione were also forced to retire on lap 17.

Cédric Leimer #63, Autovitesse Garage R. Affolter Winner (race 1) & P2 (race 2) said, “It has been a fantastic racing weekend and certainly a good way to start the championship with a win in the first race and second position in the second. I had a good start in the morning race and managed to go from fifth to second before the pit stop, but the distance to the leader was quite substantial. After the pit stop, the safety car allowed me to close the gap to De Nora. I kept applying pressure and the car was working a lot better towards the end, which allowed me to make the pass on the last lap. I started the second race from pole, but Zaugg was incredibly quick and he got me and pulled away in the early stages, but then he had to retire and we had a good pit stop, so I thought I might have a chance for a second win. But Amici was coming at lightning speed. We had an enjoyable battle and I managed to stay ahead until the last corner, but he finally got me. The second position is good and the two results gives us a solid lead in the Championship.”

Andrea Amici #54, Autocarrozzeria Imperiale S.R.L. NC (race 1) & Winner (race 2) said, “After having to retire in the first race, I was very focused for the second and we did a fantastic job. The race was a hard battle one and I had to play catch up as I started from the sixteenth position. I had a good start and gained five positions on the first lap. I kept on pushing because we had chosen to start with a car set-up that was meant to work better at the beginning of the race, so it was important to move ahead quickly. I climbed to fifth before the pit stop and, after a spotless change, we had only lost a couple positions and I was right behind Leimer. I kept the pressure on and I thought maybe I couldn’t make it, but I finally overtook him on the outside on Parabolica right before the chequered flag. I am delighted with the result that wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and support of Autocarrozzeria Imperiale.”

Laurent Jenny #19, Autovitesse Garage R. Affolter P3 (race 1) & P3 (race 2) said, “I couldn’t be any happier. Today’s races went perfectly and I finished both as the first Amateur driver. The car felt perfectly balanced and responsive in both races and I have managed to adapt my driving to the circumstances and staying focused for the entire duration of both races. This is my best result of the three seasons that I have raced in Super Trofeo and it is thanks to a spotless teamwork, for which I want to say thanks to Autovitesse Garage R. Affolter and to Cédric Leimer, who is not only my best friend but the best mentor anyone could have. And I also want to congratulate Lamborghini because the new Gallardo LP 570-4 is superb.”

Andrea Mamé #11, Bonaldi Motorsport P6 (race 1) & P4 (race 2) said, “I had an impressive crash yesterday in qualifying and it was important for me to have a couple of good races today. I guess that I will feel a bit battered tonight but I am still amazed by the car’s safety, as it was a hard impact at around 180 kph. In any case, I felt perfectly fit to race today and we managed a very good result in both races. We battled for the podium, but on the last lap we had to switch to safety mode and we finished sixth in race one, and fourth in race two. Considering what has happened this weekend, these are good results for us.”

A day earlier on April 13, 2013, the Monza circuit saw South African driver Adrian Zaugg claim pole. P1 Adrian Zaugg #3, of Bonaldi Motorsport said, “I’m very happy for the team, we did a good job as we did have some gearbox problems and we were still working on the car five minutes before the session started, so I am happy to have delivered a good result for the boys. It was pretty consistent out there so, although we posted our quick lap early on, I don’t think it was influenced by the conditions at all. My team-mate Federico did very well especially as he has not had a lot mileage in the car pre-season, so we look for the race tomorrow.”

P2 Andrea Amici #54, Autocarrozzeria Imperiale S.R.L. said, “We didn’t have a great start to the day as we were forced to skip the first free practice session due to a fuel pump issue. Given the fact that we didn’t run much over the winter, we had to spend the second session fixing some minor issues and working on the setup. However, despite the slight disadvantage, we managed to end the day on a much higher note. The new car feels amazing and I am highly confident ahead of tomorrow’s race. I hope for a good start and running alone may give me a bit of an advantage, so I need to play my cards well.”

P3 Leonardo Geraci #69, Touring Auto 2000 S.R.L. said, “I am very satisfied with how the day went, specially because today was my first day in the car since last year. We haven’t done any pre-season testing with the new Gallardo LP 570-4 Super Trofeo and I am very pleased with the result and the consistency. We were already quite fast already in both free practice sessions and I have to thank the team for that because they have done a brilliant job with the car. I encountered traffic in the final stages and also the accident slightly conditioned the final result, but we managed a good position in the end and I am confident to get on the podium tomorrow.”

P6 Mario Fasanetto #1, Automobili Lamborghini said, “We did a good job today. First of all, finding a good car setup for qualifying and then Jimmy and I performing well. It was highly positive as both my team-mate and I had the opportunity to gain more track experience and confidence around Monza on the new car. We both managed to improve our lap times throughout the qualifying session to finish sixth as the first amateur drivers. Overall, it was a quite positive day. I believe that we can have a good race tomorrow and, why not, finish as the first amateur pair.”