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2013 Nissan Pathfinder Latch and Glide 3rd row access comes to the rescue

2013 Nissan Pathfinder makes it easy for maneuvering into the third row of the vehicle. What was once seen as a difficult stunt only to be practiced by the youthful and agile members of the family will now be simple and accessible even for the elderly. Nissan has introduced a new system called Latch and Glide wherein it becomes easier to edge into the third row of the 2013 Pathfinder.

This new technology that has been developed by the company finds favor with large families. While front and second row seating was convenient and comfortable it was usually that third row seating that was the most detested due to its practical inaccessibility without a bump on the head or a nudge on the elbow. With new Latch and Glide technology the passenger simply has to lift a lever and push and tilt the seat forward thus creating plenty of space for adults to get into the third row seat without a hitch. With the latch and Glide technology, even babies are safe in their seats as they can be securely fastened at the rear without the hassle of removing these kid seats every time someone wants to get in or out of the vehicle.

2012 Nissan Pathfinder offers substantial room for upto seven passengers. Fuel efficiency is tagged at 26 mpg and the vehicle is fitted with Tri zone entertainment where passengers on driver’s seat and front passengers can listen to music while second and third row passengers can watch movies and play video games for infotainment on long drives.


Nissan’s new Pathfinder can accommodate a crowd comfortably, and it allows for easier access.



News release: Glide Path, Nissan’s LATCH AND GLIDE™ Makes Third-Row Access Easy

For big families, it is time to celebrate. It used to be that “get in the back (row)” was an order saved for the youngest, and often smallest, passengers in a caravan. Being nimble didn’t hurt either. Now, with the all-new 2013 Nissan Pathfinder, there is a new innovation that makes third-row seating access more convenient for most everyone.

Nissan is the first car company to develop what is called the LATCH AND GLIDE™ system. It is meant to solve a family’s space issues and comes standard on the all-new 2013 Pathfinder.

Nissan’s new Pathfinder has three full rows of seating. But it is access to each row that has been an issue in other three-row models.

“They could sit in between the two car seats wedged tightly in the middle or you’re climbing over the top of a car seat hitting the ceiling and there’s really no room,” said mom of two toddlers Marissa Russ from Nashville, Tenn.

So Nissan developed new technology for families, like Russ’s, to open the gates with Nissan’s LATCH AND GLIDE™ system. The right side seat in the second row has a long slide and tilt-down function. A passenger simply lifts a lever to push and tilt the seat forward. That creates plenty of space for passengers to get into the third row. Possibly the most innovative part: when using the LATCH AND GLIDE™ a baby seat will stay securely fastened. Families no longer have to remove the child seat every time someone needs access to the third row. But, Nissan warns you must always remove the child before you LATCH AND GLIDE!

“It’s awesome because we can not only fit the kids in comfortably, we don’t have to move the car seats in and out which is the biggest pain for my husband and me,” said Russ. Nissan’s 2013 Pathfinder is Best in Class for passenger room. Now seven people can ride comfortably inside. It’s also best-in-class for fuel efficiency at 26 miles per gallon on the highway. Other family-friendly features in the all-new Pathfinder are camera monitors to see both behind and all around the SUV, extra storage under the floor board in the back, and what’s called Tri-zone entertainment. The driver and passenger can listen to music while one second row passenger watches a movie and another plays a video game.


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