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2014 India Bike Week #IBW14 : LIVE Coverage Day 1

Last year, there were over 6,500 riders in attendance. This year, India Bike Week will see gathering of over 10,000 riders, of which, 1000+ will be members of India’s National HOG riders. Of the riders expected at Goa, a large number of biker groups have already gathered here.

NH4 is vrooming and buzzing with the sound and fervour with excited bikerhoods all riding down. Most popular dhabas and road side refreshment joints saw different groups of bikers stop through the day. Without fail, every stop ensured an excited gathering of locals who made it a point to stop and marvel at India’s best bikes.

While it is a difficult journey for some of the larger cruisers along narrow ghats, it only added to additional stops along without taking away from the excitement. The road leading to Vagator saw streets of Anjuna, Baga, Calangute and Candolim filled with a great number of bikes parked along shacks, since a major chunk of attendees have already reached before event day.

While it would have been ideal to ride down, we decided to tow in behind riders headed to venue using an Audi Q3 as our mode of transport, which apart from getting us to venue, ensured we could watch every bike headed to Goa, alongside offering to carry a few bags for passing bikes.

The combination straight roads on the highway and ghats once you turn in for Goa at Nipani is easy, and smooth for Audi’s Q3 to the point that you can drive your 450 kms, get to a shack, and drink to the evening’s spirit without feeling the need to stretch your back or legs.

Most importantly, our not so long, safe and comfortable journey gives us plenty of energy to enjoy India Bike Week 2014 to the fullest, as we except things to be busier this year. The venue stands the same and if you aren’t sure where to head, every big enough roadside tree that has a trunk wide enough to hold a poster will point you in the right direction. For those who were at SunBurn this year, you already know the venue. Parking space at #IBW14 is in ample and plenty, and our Audi Q3 gives us a place to store additional equipment and chargers, apart from letting us a take a much needed break as needed, as temperature here is already rising.

With interactions planned through the day, and music at full blast at all times, the need to transfer data will see us head to the parking lot a few times during the day to our weekend’s orange SUV. The need for capable support vehicle can only be fully understood at times such as this. There’s only that much you can carry when riding.

We arrived at the IBW venue yesterday. As IBW is expected to commence from 12 noon today, we will start the LIVE feed with some images from our drive to Goa.

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LIVE coverage of #IBW14, follow bit by bit updates below

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