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2014 Indian Chief launch print and video ads mock Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Indian Chief 2014 ads mock Harley Davidson 1

Brand wars and cut throat advertisement campaigns are common place in the world we live today. In the history we have see many advertisement wars where brands defame their competitor directly, most famous of them being Cola wars. Recently, America’s oldest motorcycle maker, Indian has given in to the temptation of such advertising strategy, and their target is none other than fellow compatriot, Harley Davidson.

Indian Chief 2014 ads mock Harley Davidson 1Owner of Indian Motorcycles, Polaris Industries Inc. has introduced a new print ad campaign for its upcoming 2014 models. Though the ad campaign takes on competitor Harley Davidson, it is done with a certain degree of class and credibility. With this new print ad, Indian Motorcycle empahasizes that they offer a wider choice to the two wheeler motorcycle industry.

The teaser advertising campaign is distinctive to the style and layout of that showcased by Harley Davidson. A 30 second version of this ad was also aired on TV. Apart from this, 2014 Indian Chief is finally revealed at the 2013 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in August.

A total of three new Chief models were revealed. This includes 2014 Indian Chief Classic, Vintage and Chieftain. Priced at $18,999, $20,999 and $22,999 respectively, all three are powered by 1819 cc 49 degree V-twin engine delivering 161 Nm torque.

Indian Chief will be launched in India later this year. This makes the segment mouth watering as Triumph too is arriving later this year. So buyers in the segment, who till date had just Harley Davidson as an option, will soon have Triumph and Indian to choose from.


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  • Larinthian

    Indian isn’t in the position to be mocking Harley Davidson. Let’s do a comparison. Harley Davidson established in 1903. Indian went out of business in 1953. Harley Davidson leads market share for heavyweight motorcycles. Indian has a minuscule amount of market share of less than 10 percent. Harley Davidson has an established world wide dealership network. Indian has a small, underdeveloped, fledgling dealership network. Harley Davidson has the most loyal customers and has the highest retail value, Indian, not. This is the reason Harley Davidson will have the last laugh.