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2014 JK Tyre Racing Championship concludes at BIC

Championship finals began with Race 2 of the JK Racing India Series (FB 02, formerly known as Formula BMW) behind a safety car. Vishnu Prasad and Akhil Rabindra pulled ahead quickly as soon as the safety car exited, and guest driver, Armaan Ebrahim began working his way up from the end of the grid. A few laps in, Vishnu drove past Rabindra to take the lead. Ebrahim went past Prasad at turn 4 to reach the chequered flag before the rest of the pack. The guest driver didn’t make his win count, which meant Vishnu secured his 2nd win. Rabindra secured 2nd place despite Krishnaraj Mahadik speedy drive towards the end.

JK Tyre Racing Championship 2014JK Racing India Series Race 3 saw Ebrahim secure his 3rd win over the weekend but as rules dictate, the guest driver’s win didn’t rob Akhil of his top spot on the podium, while Kumar and Prasad finished 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

Vishnu Prasad triumphs as champion in the JK Racing India Series for the 2nd time in a row with 104 points. Rabindra finished with 88 points and Shanmugam finished 3rd with 55 points.

Volkswagen Polo R Cup 2014 saw Ameya Bafna won the second race on Saturday, and the final race of the season. Karthik Tharani finished 2nd, which sufficed to secure the championship. Lee Keshav Gupta finished 3rd.

JK Formula LGB F4 final race saw Diljith TS (Dark Don Racing), Vishnu Prasad (Meco Racing), Karthik Shankar (Team Avalanche) and Sandeep Kumar (Meco Racing) race ahead. Diljith whyo already secured his lead on Saturday led during the first 4 laps of the 8 lap race. Prasad, Shankar and Kumar swapped track positions with every passing lap. In lap 6, Diljith and Kumar made contact resulting in a puncture for the latter. Prasad took the lead despite Kumar’s attempts until the last corner. Shankar fought hard for his 3rd place finish.

JK Superbikes Cup saw 1,000cc two-wheelers step on track. Kulwant Singh ((Monty), who was leading the championship going into final round, skid going into the first corner. After 5 laps, Manmeet Singh crossed o9ver first ahead of Vijay Singh and Aashir Agrawal. Manmeet was announce the first JK Superbikes Cup champion with 24 points.

Raghupati Singhania, Chairman and Managing Director JK Tyres and Industries congratulated the winners and looks forward to next year already.

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