2014 Maruti Suzuki Autocross Bangalore edition

Maruti Suzuki Autocross BangaloreMaruti Suzuki introduced corporate and novice class races in the Bangalore edition. Over 150 participants across categories were enrolled at Bangalore Maruti Suzuki Autocross these past 2 days. Car handling and motoring skills were tested over a 1.3 km lap to record the quickest possible times. Over time, a number of amateur rally drivers have used Autocross as a stepping stone into the world of motorsport.

The Indian automaker’s motorsport involvement and encouragement has seen a growing number of participants in Maruti Suzuki Raid de Himalaya, Maruti Suzuki Desert Storm and Maruti Suzuki Dakshin Dare rallies.

Autocross prepares enthusiasts for more challenging motorsport events and is open for participation to those who are licensed and 18+ years old, and is not limited to Maruti Suzuki vehicles.

Autocross helps young and old drivers learn smooth transitions, enhanced braking, and skid correction skills to help improve safety in driving, on road and off.

Maruti Suzuki Autocross 2014 Final Result
  Class 1 upto 850cc  
SlNoComp.no.Comp NameStart TimeFinish TimeTotal TimePlacingCar 
167Shabbir AR0:00:000:00:002:01:09.001Maruti 800 
221Baban Khan0:00:000:00:002:02:12.002Maruti 800 
303Abdul Khader.A.A0:00:000:00:002:07:18.003Maruti 800 
  Class 2 850-1250  
141Shabbir AR0:00:000:00:000:01:55.311Maruti Alto 
281Lokesh Gowda0:00:000:00:000:01:56.032Zen 
354Shuchindra Gowda0:00:000:00:000:01:58.373Zen 
  Class 3 over 1250cc upto 1400cc  
180Shabbir AR12:40:0012:41:53.530:01:53.531Esteem 
209B.C Roopesh12:36:0012:37:56.060:01:56.062Esteem 
319Lokesh Gowda12:43:0012:44:56.280:01:56.283Esteem 
  Class 4 over 1400cc upto 1600cc  
173Den Thimmaiyah16:19:0016:20:51.060:01:51.061Honda V-Tec 
234Michu Ganapathy15:55:0015:56:51.130:01:51.132Honda V-Tec 
383Syed Salman Ahmed15:49:0015:50:51.650:01:51.653Honda V-Tec 
  Class 5 Ladies Class upto 1400CC  
1109Ashika Menezes10:32:0010:34:01.000:02:01.001Esteem 
2108Athira Murali10:44:0010:46:10.430:02:10.432Alto 
  Class 6 4X4 Gypsy Class  
128Shahid Khan14:05:0014:07:06.030:02:06.031Gypsy 
257Anand Kumar14:01:0014:03:21.940:02:21.942Tata 
320Vijay Krishna14:08:0014:10:24.000:02:24.003Gypsy 
  Class 8 Corporate Class  
1145Sunith .K16:25:0016:27:11.430:02:11.431Esteem 
253Vikas B Kulkarni16:31:0016:33:15.430:02:15.432Zen 
3111Anoop Kulkarni16:22:0016:24:16.810:02:16.813Zen 
  Class 9 Novices Class  
144Babno Machaiahe15:13:0015:14:58.000:01:58.001Esteem 
248Tarun Reddy15:01:0015:03:01.350:02:01.352Esteem 
338Salman Sheriff15:04:0015:06:02.720:02:02.723Zen 
  Class 10 Diesel Class  
1100Lokesh Gowda14:40:0014:41:59.380:01:59.381Swift 
391Shuchindra Gowda14:25:0014:27:00.410:02:00.413Swift 


  Class 7 Indian Open upto 1600CC  
194Suhem Kabir17:42:0017:43:46.750:01:46.751Honda V-Tec 
282Den Thimmaiyah17:35:0017:36:49.070:01:49.072Honda V-Tec 
3105Syed Salman Ahmed17:31:0017:32:50.250:01:50.253Honda V-Tec