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2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class star shine replaces light bulbs with 500 LED’s

Mercedes-Benz today unveiled the new S-Class at the A380 Delivery Centre at Airbus in Hamburg-Finkenwerder, Germany. This is not just a standard port but a production site for the Airbus. It is here that the Queen of the sky and Queen of the road have met on the evening of 15th may, 2013 for the vehicle’s world premier. Offering luxurious travel with utmost safety, the high tech vehicle offers the best in comfort. Engineering craftsmanship fulfills the highest expectation.

The unveiling event opened with the Hamburg Symphony Orschestra taking centre stage with a backdrop that showcased a S Class video montage focusing on the car until now. Wellness on wheels, ensures the car floats even on rough roads, transforming the new car into a work of art. The vehicle comes with a 120 page long press release. Mercedes Benz intelligent drive ensures S Class can recognize it’s environment. The car has 6 cameras and 6 radar that help it calculate ahead of time. The vehicle can react earlier and brake earlier if required. It saves lives. Sensor Fusion combines data in 1 controlled unit. Autonomous driving gets a new meaning, and while the cool part of driving will never be automated, it’s the uncool part of driving that will be dealt with. With the auto pilot, start, stop and go driving in traffic will find a new lease of life. It’s ideal in traffic jams, and certainly ensures lowering of blood pressure. Collision prevention assist, Pre Safe Impulse are amongst the limo’s safety features wherein optimum priority lies in the vehicle’s aim to prevent accidents, keeping not just occupants safe but those on the road too.

The company filed for 2200 patents last year, and 1/3rd relate to safety. Being number 1 is an aspiration for the company, and innovation is key. Dynamic body engineering, intelligent light weight body construction, and a high tech aluminum body ahs ensured weight reduction of about 100 kgs. The 2014 Mercedes Benz S-Class is the most aerodynamically advanced limousine, going on to steal the thunder of popular hatchbacks. Emission free is what Mercedes Benz targets consistently. There’s 4 engine variants, 1 diesel, 1 petrol, and 2 hybrids. All vehicles register 20% more fuel efficiency than the predecessor, and are Euro VI compliant. Most powerful amongst the new cars is the S500 with the V8 engine, which too goes on to offer Utopian fuel efficiency.

The luxury limousine has made history time and again. The 2014 Mercedes Benz S Class is fitted with a host of technological features. These will include Night View Assist PLUS system that is capable of exposing the road ahead where approaching dangers are concerned, besides Magic Body Control system which augments suspension to tackle any sort of road condition, so as to offer suitable ride quality. From now on, you can cruise above the sky when driving on the road. The vehicle doesn’t sport a single light bulb. In its place there’s 500 LEDS. So, they ain’t leaving anyone out in the dark, and will make the stars shine.

Interiors are spacious with power controlled rear seats that offer the comforts of first class flight seats besides added leg room in the rear passenger area. Rear passengers also have their individual screens and controls. Mercedes Benz S Class will sport a classic dashboard and instrument console display which act also as an infotainment screen. A perfuming system has been introduced to make the life of customers as pleasant and comfortable as possible by creating a convenient fragrance climate for occupants.

For Dieter Zetsche, in 37 years with Daimler, there’s been about 5 other events that have been as awaited as the 2014 S Class unveiling. On a lighter note, he did mention that what did once catch his eye was the Popemobile, not quite an S Class, and he thought of how to sit in the car without having to become the Pope.

The new S Class will vary as per individual market needs. For example, the long version S Class is popular in China where more and more customers are driven around, than driving on their own. So when developing the car for a particular car market, customer aspirations and demands needed to be answered. As such only the long version will be available in China, unlike in Europe.


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