2015 Audi R8 laser headlight teased before Geneva unveil next month

Second generation Audi R8 has been promised to turn out to be something more than just a high-performance sports car. Audi will be introducing new features in 2015 R8 full of futuristic technologies. Alongside at Geneva Motor Show, the Ingolstadt-based will also unveil new fully electric e-tron derivative of Audi R8, which will be put on sale together with the conventional propulsion variant. News about a plug-in hybrid variant of R8 with a V6 or 4-cylinder turbo assisted by an electric motor is still not confirmed.

2015 Audi R8 laser headlight
But the subject of this Audi R8 teaser is its laser headlight, which will not be offered as a standard feature.
Audi R8 laser headlight will be offered as a paid extra, as it is the 37-LED headlamp which is standard. The optional laser high-beam headlight will use high-intensity laser diodes for lighting up the road far ahead, with almost double the lighting range compared to LED high-beam headlamp.

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According to Audi, each laser headlamp unit in R8 has one laser module comprising of four high-intensity laser diodes. Phosphor converter element in the unit transforms blue light into pure white light (the former tone is a trait that helps visually distinguish laser headlamps from regular LED headlights).