2015 Cadillac Escalade with Bose Centerpoint surround sound as standard

2015 Cadillac Escalade luxury utility vehicle now has an all-new Bose audio system, the Centerpoint surround sound system, Bose’s most advanced system in a Cadillac. “Bose’s expertise is in perfect alignment with Cadillac’s progressive integration of advanced technology,” said Cadillac Chief Marketing Officer Uwe Ellinghaus. “With the standard all-new Bose audio system in the Escalade, we continue to elevate the level of luxury offered to our customers.”

Cadillac_Escalade_Bose_CenterpointAdvanced tech features and controls heighten the vehicles experience for 8 occupants. Bose Centerpoint surround sound system based on proprietary technologies and 16 strategically placed speakers create a concert-like experience. 5 custom-tuned speakers are placed across the instrument panel and front doors. When combined with Bose Advanced Staging Technology, all you hear is crystal-clear sound precision and clarity.

There are one-inch tweeters in each mirror patch and each rear door, 5.25-inch speakers in each rear door, 2.5-inch Twiddler speakers in each D-pillar, 6×9-inch woofers in each front door, and a 5.25-inch Richbass®woofer housed under the front-center console. Bose’s Centerpoint 2.0 signal processing tech enables a surround sound experience across all rows. SurroundStage signal processing circuitry compensates for off-center vehicle seatingf or 360-degree sound experience for every occupant.

Electrifying Craftsmanship: A Look at the 2015 Escalade’s LED Exterior Lighting
Designers drew inspiration from Manhattan skyscrapers

DETROIT – The all-new 2015 Cadillac Escalade’s exterior design uses architecture-influenced approaches to take its unmistakable appearance to a new level of sophistication while the brand’s heritage and the powerful appearance of modern urban buildings inspired a bold new interpretation of Cadillac’s vertical light signature.

“The 2015 Escalade exterior light signature draws inspiration from a variety of sources, beginning with Cadillac’s heritage of vertical exterior lamps and extending into architecture,” said Exterior Lighting Design Manager Martin Davis. “Iconic buildings, like the Hearst Tower in New York City, were a big inspiration due to the interplay of glass and metal.”

Vertical lighting, a Cadillac signature since 1948, remains a vital and ever-evolving theme for designers today. Davis and his team studied Cadillacs from history, especially the 1967 Eldorado and Deville models.

The strong relationship between glass and metal of Manhattan skyscrapers especially influenced the Escalade’s designers. The combination of the materials suggest the lighting elements are floating in space. Each of the five rectangular parabolas separated by metal accents in the headlamp appear to float within the lamp. Together, they give the lens the look of fine-cut crystal.

“Combining metal and glass elements also allows for a uniformity of appearance,” said Davis. “We wanted something that conveys an artistic integration of technology for the front daytime running lights and the taillights.”

In particular, the tail lamps emphasize the technical dimension of using light-emitting diodes, or LEDs. At approximately one meter tall, the tail lamps are “neo-tailfins,” recreating the drama from the 1960s in a modern interpretation. Edge-lit blade technology is the only one that would make the light look like it was floating in space. The Cadillac Crest is also laser etched into the glass light blade. It catches the light as it passes through the blade.

A total of 142 LEDs make up the front and rear lights of the 2015 Escalade. Forty-eight LEDs – 17 for each headlamp and seven for each lower fascia lamp – fully enable the desired appearance and functionality of the front lamps. The remaining 94 LEDs create the provocative appearance and technical functionality of the rear lamps. Each taillamp uses 29 LEDs with 36 in the center high-mount stop light.

The 2015 Escalade is an entirely new design yet instantly recognizable. Much of the story of Cadillac’s redesigned flagship SUV focuses on the artistic craftsmanship that went into the vehicle’s creation, from the refined and detailed exterior to the luxurious cut-and-sew interior.