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2015 Honda Jazz interiors rated among top 10 cars with really cool cabins

Of the many reasons to love or loathe a car, interiors play a major role, as no matter how cutting edge the car looks from outside, it is the cabin where the driver and his buddies will be spending most of the time closest to the machine.

Ward’s Auto World has picked top 10 cars with really cool interiors, and we have 2015 Honda Jazz (a.k.a Honda Fit) at the top of the list.

These are certainly not deemed the outright best interiors thus far, the net is only wide enough to cover the latest and highly rated cars that have just been launched or unveiled for market release soon. A total of 42 cars belonging-to or destined-for US market, have been scrutinised for about two months’ time. Cars that are totally new as well as thoroughly revamped were included in the preliminary list.

Each car was scored for each category separately, that included build quality, fit-and-finish, comfort, safety, ergonomics, materials and value. Most importantly, 20 points out of 100 were reserved for “aesthetics and design harmony”.

Here is the list of top 10 cars with really admirable interiors (they are not ordered according to rank, in fact there is no ranking here):

2015 Honda Fit EX-L (Rs. 13.46 lakhs / $21,590)

2015 Jeep Renegade Limited (Rs. 20.70 lakhs / $33,205)

2016 Mazda 6 Grand Touring (Rs. 20.82 lakhs / $33,395)

2015 GMC Canyon SLT (Rs. 25.22 lakhs / $40,465)

2015 Nissan Murano SL (Rs. 26.13 lakhs / $41,905)

2015 Kia Sedona SXL (Rs. 26.99 lakhs / $43,295)

2015 Chrysler 300C Platinum (Rs. 31.91 lakhs / $51,175)

2014 BMW i3 (Rs. 32.77 lakhs / $52,550)

2015 Ford F-150 King Ranch (Rs. 37.83 lakhs / $60,675)

2015 Mercedes C400 (Rs. 40.53 lakhs / $65,000)

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