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New Mini Cooper S drive experience on Aamby Valley Airstrip

It is one thing to write or say about how great a car really is in terms of hardcore handling-and-performance or being fit for a weekend getaway full of fun. The TV Commercials do that; they show what kind of tactics on the road the car can perform, or how beautifully the automobile fits in the scene of a vacation and how it blends in fashion with the owner.

BMW Group India gave us all the true experience of all of the above, in other words, they gave us first hand experience of a TV advertisement without any cameras rolling, that is other than our’s.

In what was a kind of an ideal way to describe the car, rather, let us discover the car, the British marque packed contrasting experiences, of belting the car out on a track and taking it out on a calm and happy getaway drive to a lake, in one brief part of a day.

The idea was to convince us that a Mini suits all kind of personalities of drivers or owners, and that it never fails to impress, and impressed we were.

One half of the Mini Cooper S experience was taking it out to Aamby Valley City’s expansive lakeside, through the heavenly scenery of the well planned township spread across 10,600 acres of mountainous terrain.

This showed what a desirable companion a Mini can be for such heartwarming tours and how glamorously it aligns with the world’s beautiful places to visit.

While many may consider such trips for a perfect weekend plan, there is another kind of people who may be termed enthusiasts by some and crazy by many, who would plan a getaway to a place where there is absolutely nothing but tarmac. Or it may even be all about the journey to a random place where what one might most expect would be a tea and a vada pav.

Bottomline, while one kind of people drive to discover a place, the other pick a spot to discover the drive. And the Mini caters to both with the highest possible degree of balance.

Not that people rekon chic looking cars as dumb on the streets, but the Mini has an exceptionally twisted DNA that is hard to find a relative outside the marque.

Second part of the experience was spent on Aamby Valley Airstrip, where the cars and us were let loose together, although it usually is considered a lethal combination.

Some of Malaysia’s & Mini’s finest drivers were brought to the venue to demonstrate the prowess of 2015 Mini Cooper S, and to host various events, in which we are not sure if we were testing the Minis or the cars were testing us.

There were tests like acceleration, panic braking, manoeuvrability and slalom, under the guidance of those expert drivers. The videos attached here will show some of the activities, in which one can watch how the 2015 Mini Cooper S performed like it was tuned for such sports.

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vq7U-JODw4[/youtube]We truly felt how much it means when the brand says Minis offer Go Kart like performance and handling. The latest Mini Cooper S offers 189 hp max power @ 4,000 rpm and 280 Nm peak torque @ 1,250 rpm, from the latest version of 4-cylinder 2.0 litre Twin Turbo petrol engine, mated to 6-speed Steptronic automatic transmission. Ideally, the Mini Cooper S is capable of 0 to 100 kmph acceleration in 6.7 seconds and can clock top speed of 233 kmph.

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksN7HlGpfxA[/youtube]Through the course of our efforts to squeeze the car dry of energy, we realised it never gets tired or gives up. Ride is obviously on the stiffer side, which enables impeccable handling on the (FWD) Front Wheel Driven car. It launches from halt when the throttle is floored and comes to a quick and very steady stop when the other pedal is forced. Even the steering is so commendable, it listens to every whisper of the driver’s commands.

Experiencing all this sitting in an incredibly artistic cabin with mind blowing attention to detail and superior comfort, is one way to attain supreme smugness.

Overall, the day with all current variants of Minis showed how much the design and engineering part of the cars have evolved and how versatile a Mini is in catering to the needs, desires and extreme pleasures of different kinds of people, provided their pockets are deep enough.

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