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2015 Tata Safari Storme facelift specs and features leaked, no increase in torque

2015 Tata Safari
It seems Tata Motors will try to pass off the facelift model as all-new Safari Storme, just like Mahindra did with 2014 Scorpio.

Expected to launch next month.

The long awaited 2015 Tata Safari Storme facelift has been revealed inside-out, left and right, through leaked product guide presentation slides.

2015 Tata Safari

It seems Tata Motors will try to pass off the facelift model as all-new Safari Storme, just like Mahindra did with 2014 Scorpio.

Through these leaked set of photos, Tata has given plenty of reasons for us to continue acknowledging 2015 Safari Storme as just a facelift update, some of which are, miss on highly anticipated bump in peak torque, resultant omission of expected 6-speed manual gearbox, no automatic transmission on offer, failing to add automatic AC with climate control, devoid of Multi Information Display in instrument cluster, no touch-screen for infotainment system even though Harman equipment is added, and the like.

2015 Tata Safari Storme facelift has indeed undergone many noteworthy changes, but given the time Tata Motors took to prep the Model Year update, the SUV could have been made far more competitive to its arch nemesis, Mahindra Scorpio which still seems a better value-for-money proposition. However, as said before, Tata Motors has indeed worked substantially on 2015 Tata Safari Storme facelift specs and they are absolutely worth considering before writing a cheque for any of its rivals.

2015 Tata Safari

2015 Tata Safari

2015 Tata Safari

2015 Tata Safari

2015 Tata Safari

2015 Tata Safari


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  • nivas raju

    what a great disappointment..tata is least bothered abt thr valuable customers…how can u call this as a facelift and y it took so long time to make such minor changes…what a cheap combination of silver on the centre consloe…total black color would have made the car look so beautiful…no touch screen, no captain seats, no front facing third row, tata is acting so cheap…u can never expect ur sales to boost up with these changes infact you are losing the charm…i am not able to take up this…it is a great great great disappointment…tata is taking cutomers for granted and they really dont want long time customers…though having great potentiality in making the best cars…tata is making the cheap cars…when things can be done for Zest n Bolt then y not Storme??? i dont think so u can boost up ur sales even by 10% with this facelift model….i had been waiting for the past 8 months to buy the facelift but i am put down with all the expectations. It is now worth waiting for another 2 months for the XUV500 facelift which will be great value for money….TATA U LOST OUR HEARTS….

    • Totally agree. Safari is an icon, with an unmatched cult following. The way Tata is heading, it seems that they dont really care.

  • Joe

    You are absolutely right Nivas. I own a Storme LX 2013 Model. If the info given above is right, then Tata has stripped down many features from the new Storme LX which is quite ABS, rear drum brakes, only 5 seats, 15″ wheels, grey cladding and bumpers, no foot steps and just 2 colors..wth?

  • Subash

    The Black Interiors would really look upmarket along with the silver centre console with a black bezel. The removal of Jump seats are a welcome but a 3/4th front facing or a full front facing would have seen the more customers, Indian always want more squarefeet per square feet of using available space for seating. The grey bumpers for the LX would make it look cheap. Is TATA offering a cheap price for the LX after removing many of the features mentioned?

    • I dont think so. Price will probably be increased, variant on variant.

  • night hawk

    Such a DISAPPOINTMENT !!! Disaster updated safari storme
    I was waiting to buy this thinking it would have-
    Infotainment touch screen, 3rd row seats front facing, automatic climate control, cruise control, etc …… NOBODY SHOULD BUY This Crap.
    Rather wait for Hyundai IX25 …. ( hope it has comfortable seats for tall passengers)
    The only good thing Sorme can do is accomodate the big and tall .

    • That is the problem with Tata Motors. They are in their own world. No care at what is the current market trend or what the competitors are offering.

  • Jazeem

    This is a facelift?? TATA is still tryin to catch up 2008. Seems like they slept many years doing ntn and now putting upgrades in their sleepy mode.

    hope they keep the dicor version on sale, buy that and add your own stuffs to it, will end up with current VX price. engine- 400nm is possible with a 2.2L, many Ford, mazda, have it since 2008 or 2009. OR wash of that “Safari” from ur mind and buy new Scorpio, to which the current safari have not even 1 solid advantage.

  • nivas raju

    people have been writing their heartfelt reviews abt Safari Storme in many forums. But i dont think so TATA does consider any of them. they make wht they want, no use of giving a product of no worth. Definitely agree with Jazeem, Joe and friends here, its worth waiting fot the upcoming ix25, XUV500 facelift or the new scorpio when people investing 10-14L. Till date TATA is not given a fully packed product, Zest n Bolt are good with the features and interiors but still the same old exterior (egg) design.

    • They seem to have been stuck in a limbo. hopefully the launch of next-gen Q501 and Q502 will change this.

  • jack

    What is wrong with TATA ??????? They are living in nomadic days of creation. The Safari Storme facelift could have been such a Marvel. But these Baffoons at Tata have doomed the Storme again !!! such a pity

  • VjMali

    I wanted to say lot on the up comeing Safari storme face lift as some say it. It’s no use we have it already in few days next month . if you want buy it do buy or go to he’ll out of here ..that’s the answer so why wast time ….typing the he’ll out here.they now they RangRover Suv manufacturing JLR company not tata safari comany anymore …so you buying a brand not a local Suv anymore .thats how they going about it ..they really don’t care if it sells or not .it’s just to keep the model alive they did a downgrade in fact I would say .just to keep the safari guys club who buying them for donkey’s years with closed eyes.knowing all this still I feel I want to own this product.sad but that’s the fact.hope they have a automatic transmission version in comeing days many want to buy AT but they don’t have one or buy a 30L Suv with a AT.indian market is really tricky one

    • rob vandamme

      You sound like a nincompoop . are you high when you write ? You contradict yourself you bummer