2015 Volkswagen Vento Cup all set to start from 7th August in Coimbatore

18th JK Tyre Racing Championship and 2015 Volkswagen Vento Cup will get off to a flying start on 7th August (tomorrow) at Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore. The race will see a total of 21 drivers out of which 14 are new drivers and 7 drivers are from the earlier season, in attendance to compete in a race spec Vento Cup car.

2015 Volkswagen Vento Cup
2015 Volkswagen Vento Cup race cars in action at the Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore.

The coming weekend, 21 drivers will race at the Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore in the new series of VW Vento Cup 2015 for first time. The race will consist of three free practice sessions and one qualifying session after which qualifying drivers will take part in two final races competing for qualifying points. Selected drivers have checked out their race cars for three days in July and will be seen taking part in the race this weekend.

Volkswagen Motorsport India has ensured increased performance of these race cars being offered to the racers wherein they will show off their driving skills on track which will be preceeded by a fitness camp in Bangalore. This fitness camp is being conducted along with British Nutrutions with special emphasis on enhanced physical and psychological fitness of drivers ensuring them a better diet and exercise regimen prior to racing.

2015 Volkswagen Vento Cup
2015 Volkswagen Vento Cup participants with Driver coach Rayomand Banajee

The pre-season test also allows drivers to get thorough hands on experience of the VW Vento Cup race car with Driver Coach Rayomand Banajee offering lessons in racing lines, braking, cornering techniques and launch control techniques. The drivers will also be guided through flag rules and other racing rules and regulations.


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