2016 Auto Expo – Honda EV Cub and Honda Neowing

The Honda Neowing Hybrid three-wheeler and EV Cub retro classic concepts have been showcased at the 2016 Auto Expo. The concepts showcase the Japanese automaker’s R&D capabilities. The three-wheeler however has a potential to enter production in the foreseeable future.

Honda EV Cub

The EV Cub pays tribute to the original Super Cub which put the winged logo on the global two wheeler map. The pure electric stepthrough concept captures the vintage model’s essence in a modern package. The moped is designed for short urban commute and can be charged via home sockets without having to remove the battery (socket is stowed near the rider foot rest). Honda has not revealed any production plans yet.

Honda Neowing

Honda Neowing three-wheeler hybrid concept

The Neowing is a razor sharp three-wheel tourer whose naming suggests that it’s a futuristic interpretation of the iconic Goldwing. Visually, the Neowing features millions of surfaces, two wheels upfront and a single rear wheel. In other words’s it’s a combination of an angry looking quad-bike (front half) and a muscular power cruiser (rear half). The wide multi-colored seat and a sporty silencer add to the three-wheeler’s character.

The Neowing’s sophisticated front suspension and steering system which is called Honda Linkage Mechanism allows for a motorcycle like cornering and a four-wheeler like stability. The motorcycle is powered by a flat-four engine which is supported by an electric motor, propelling the rear wheel via a shaft drive. Tech specs are kept under wraps.

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