2016 European Car Of The Year finalists announced

The 7 finalists for the highly coveted 2016 European Car Of The Year award has been announced. Out of 40 cars which entered the preliminary round, the jury comprising eminent auto critics from the old continent has shortlisted the top 7.

The cars that are vying for the 2016’s award are the new Audi A4, the BMW 7 series, Jaguar XE, Mazda MX-5, Opel/Vauxhall Astra, Skoda Superb and Volvo XC90. Except the Jaguar XE which has no prior lineage, rest of the finalists are the latest gen models of the respective nameplates.

New Audi A4 2015 Tokyo Motor Show (19)
The India-bound 2016 Audi A4 is one of the 2016 European Car Of The Year finalists.

For a car to participate in the award contest, they have to be on sale now in at least 5 European nations. The two stage voting process will lead to announcement of the grand winner on February 29th, 2016, on the eve of Geneva Motor Show.

The 33 cars that were phased out of this year’s contest include Land Rover Discovery Sport, Infiniti Q30, Alfa Romeo Giulia, Tesla Model X, Toyota Mirai FCV, Ford Mustang, etc. The 2015 edition saw the latest VW Passat emerging victorious while the 2014 award was claimed by the Peugeot 308 hatchback.

Out of these finalists, Volvo XC90 is the only car to be on sale in India currently. While the Mazda MX-4 and Opel Astra will not make it to our shores, the rest of the finalists will eventually be launched here.

New Volvo XC90 – Photos