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2016 F1 provisional schedule revealed – 21 races, no Indian GP

As per the latest 2016 F1 provisional schedule, revealed by the FIA, there will be a record 21 races in 2016. Sadly, Indian Grand Prix remains omitted for yet another year.

Compared to the first provisional schedule, which created a problem with some teams, the new schedule sees 8 races that have new dates. These 8 races are Australian, Chinese, Bahrain, British, Azerbaijan, Hungarian, Malaysian and Mexican GP.

As usual, the opening race will take place in Australia, but has been rescheduled to March 20, two weeks earlier as per earlier schedule. This leaves teams to rush through car building, testing and other production schedules.

Vettel is the only F1 driver to have won the Indian GP. Here he is seen bowing in front of his car after winning the 2013 Indian GP.

Apart from this, FIA has also said that the 2016 cars should possess separate exhaust wastegate tailpipe through which only wastegate gasses will pass. Though this will not have any effect on power or emissions, noise levels will be substantially increased, adding to the excitement of fans.

Other updates mentioned by FIA include – each race car will have to comply with cockpit and safety requirement equipment during testing which includes position of driver’s head and head resting padding besides cockpit padding and easy driver egress facilities.

Track limits have also been clarified which means that drivers have to make every possible effort to keep to the track and not deliberately leave the track for no apparent reason. Several other regulations with regard to starting, re-start, race suspension and use of aerodynamic testing restrictions for wind tunnel use and CFD were also indicated. For 2017, on board cameras on stalks on the nose of cars, will also be prohibited, as per new regulations.

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