2016 Force Gurkha RFC India dates and teams announced

25 teams from India comprising the best off-roaders in the country have been selected to take part in Force Gurkha RFC India 2016. Names of drivers and co-drivers have been detailed who will compete head to head in what is seen as one of the most extreme competitions.

Among the names of competitors released, some have participated in the first two editions of RFC India. They will compete with some new comers in the first international off road motorsport event in India.

Force Gurkha RFC India 2014 (Predator Special Stages 13-18-Image 6)

There are four entrants from off roading clubs – Gerrari Offroaders Chandigarh, Bangalore Offroaders Development Association (BODA) and KTM Jeepers from Kerala while 2 teams will consist of members from Mumbai’s Team Fairmont and Hyderabad’s Charminar Off Road Adventure Club (CORAC). 1 team each has also been selected from V5 Offroaders from Coorg, Mudhogs from Sakleshpur, Northern India Offroad Club (NIOC) and Incredible Offroaders Goa.

Jagat Nanjappa from V5 Offroaders and Tejinder Singh from Gerrari Offroaders Chandigarh were winners of Force Gurkha RFC South and North India Chapters held earlier this year due to which they automatically qualify to take part in Force Gurkha RFC India 2016. The list of Indian teams also includes Force Motors team consisting of Malaysian drivers Tan Eng Joo and Mervyn Lim while there will be two individual entries from Hyderabad and Pune as well thus comprising the 25 Indian teams for Force Gurkha RFC India 2016.

Force Gurkha RFC India 2014 (Predator Special Stages 13-18-Image 2)

Force Gurkha RFC India 2016 will be divided into 4 legs – The Prologue, The Predator, The Terminator & The Twilight Zone. This will be again divided into 24 Special Stages with each stage consisting of 100 points. Points will be given to participants for successfully completing the task while points will be deducted for not complying with competition regulations. The team with the most points at the end of the event will be declared a winner and overall champion of Force Gurkha RFC India 2016.


S.No Driver Co Driver Place Team
1 Kabir Waraich Gagan Sachdeva Chandigarh Gerrari Offroaders
2 Gurmeet Virdi Kirpal Singh Tung Chandigarh Gerrari Offroaders
3 Gurpratap Singh Sanbir Singh Dhaliwal Chandigarh Gerrari Offroaders
4 Tejinder Singh Harpreet Singh Chandigarh Gerrari Offroaders
5 Bijender Singh Gajender Singh New Delhi NIOC
6 Sameer Chunawala Amrut Kadam Mumbai Team Fairmont
7 Sajid Fakih Imran Kazi Mumbai Team Fairmont
8 Daulat Chaudhary Jay Kumar Pune
9 Prashanth GV Pradeep Gowda Bangalore BODA
10 Lokesh Shivaraj Rohith KR Bangalore BODA
11 Vivek Kuriakose Ashok Kuriakose Bangalore BODA
12 Pradeep Kumar Prithviraj AC Bangalore BODA
13 Narthan Byramudi Satish Kumar Sakleshpur Mudhogs
14 Jagat Nanjappa Chethan Chengappa Coorg V5 Offroaders
15 Sam Kurian Karaickal Guhan Shetty Kerala KTM Jeepers
16 Kurian Kurian Prem Kumar Kerala KTM Jeepers
17 Anand Manjooran George Verghese Kerala KTM Jeepers
18 Raju Paul Kevin Kerala KTM Jeepers
19 Chaitanya Challa Shabarish Jagarapu Hyderabad Team Hyderabad
20 Rajsekhara Prabhu Arun Parikshat Hyderabad Team Mars
21 Abinav Nukala T Laxmikanth Hyderabad CORAC
22 Jitender Raju Sukesh Reddy Hyderabad CORAC
23 Tejas Prakash Shindolkar Pushkar Audi Goa Incredible Offroaders Goa
24 Tan Eng Joo Tan Choon Hong Pune Force Motors Ltd
25 Merwyn Lim Hamizan Bin Abdul Hamid Pune Force Motors Ltd