2016 Mercedes G500 4×4² Video and Photos revealed

2016 Mercedes G500 4×4² concept was released just earlier this week, in the form of a single image. Now, the Stuttgart-based company has released some hi-res images and official trailer video of this monster.

Mercedes G 500 4x4² concept 1 dirty
2016 Mercedes G500 4×4² concept is set for public debut at 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

Specs of 2016 Mercedes G500 4×4² concept include twin-turbo 4.0 litre V8 engine that dishes out 422 PS peak power to spin the car’s 22-inch wheels shoed with pure off-road tyres. Mercedes has not revealed performance figures of new G500 4×4², but mentioned that the new engine was used because it complies with Euro 6 emission standards.

The 2016 Mercedes G500 4×4² uses hub reduction / portal axles to enable massive 450 mm ground clearance, 1000 mm fording depth (distance / height between road and air-intake system) and approach & departure angle of 52° & 54° respectively. Suspension is retuned with two spring-damper struts per wheel, one of which works naturally / conventionally, while other is electronically controlled to select damping between SPORT and COMFORT. The setting switch happens in just 15 milliseconds.

Mercedes G 500 4x4² concept 6 wallpaper
Mercedes says G500 4×4² is more of a sports car than a cross-country vehicle.

Termed “near-series” concept, the model closely follows G63 AMG 6×6, after all it is essentially just a four-wheeled version of the latter. It features AMG front bumper, stainless steel underbody guards, carbon fibre wheel flares, side peeping exhaust and roof-mounted LED light bar.

Mercedes Benz says production plan is not confirmed as it is awaiting public response; but it is apparent that 2016 Mercedes G500 4×4² concept will indeed reach showrooms. Quantity will certainly be less, but not as limited as 20-30 cars per year which is the production rate of existing six-wheel version.