Maruti Suzuki 2016 Raid de Himalaya – Day 2 Report

Our day starts extremely early for the second leg of the Raid, the sun is yet to reflect its charm over the frozen desert as we head out a kilometer away from our establishments for breakfast at the glorious Saykya Abode which is a part of the famous Sakya Monastry of Kaza.

Never in my life have I had a breakfast this early. With our tummies full and energy on top we head out to the flag off of the Competition stage 1 of the day which starts at Kaza Gate goes all the way upto Komic which, for the record, is the highest motorable village in the world at 4587m above sea level.


At that altitude even with the sun shining bright above us the temperatures had dropped to a teardrop freezing -10 degrees. The 65 Raiders who had successfully finsihed their leg 1 towards Kaza were now facing strenuous challenges of the altitude, temperature and the crazy cross winds which literally blew me and pinned me to the nearest rock at an instant.

At Komic there is a lower concentration of oxygen which for layman is like putting half a spoon of cocoa on a chocolate cake. This lack of oxygen played villain and caused huge trouble for the participants as their bodies demanded double the amount of energy per kilometer. The competition stage 1 concluded at Demul Junction covering a total competitive distance of 39.1 kms.


Raiders then zoomed ahead towards Lingti which was the flag off point for competition stage 2 of leg 2. The 29.1-kilometer trail passed through one of the toughest terrains in the entire rally and also the most sensational views of the Dhankar Village, a village which is built on a cliff.

The Dhankar Gompa is a magnificent monastry built around the Dhankar cliff which is also home to 85 monks. Competitive stage 2 ended at Shichling through innumerable hairpin bends downhill. I then met Sarah Kashyap, who is one of the yongest raider’s for this year and also she has been raiding for 2 consecutive years with Royal Enfield at the concluding point of stage 2. Below is a short video interviewing her.

To make life of the competitors tougher. The competitive stage 3 for the day was repeated from Kaza Gate to Demul Junction. This time around the sun was much brighter the gushes were even stronger and the sheer blaze of the sunrays created a lot of fuss for the raiders to complete the stage with ease.

The Leg 2 of Raid de Himalaya concluded with Suresh Rana and Ashwin Naik taking the lead in the 4×4 XTREME followed by Tsering Lhakpa and Ramesh Kumar with Sandeep Sharma and Karan Arya as runners up. In the MotoQuad XTREME Abdul Wahid Tanveer takes the pole position followed by R Natraj and Umang Saxena respectively.

Talking about Mobil 1, one of sponsors of 2016 Raid De Himalaya – From the Wright brothers’ first flight to the launch of the first space station; from the first automobiles to the latest Grand Prix cars, ExxonMobil’s engine oils have been continuously keeping millions of vehicles performing at their very best. They are also the leaders in India. Below are some highlights.

• Mobil enjoys an established legacy as a product technology leader with the highest level of expertise, working side-by-side with leading OEMs and component builders in India

• Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors are OEM majors that Mobil is exploring vital associations and participation opportunities with, to provide and reach out to a larger customer base in India

• Mobil’s collaboration with Maruti Suzuki is premised on Mobil’s high performance lubricants and technology leadership.

Mobil and Motorsports

• In India, Mobil has been an integral partner with leading OEMs and award-winning race teams and is associated with Maruti Suzuki Motorsport’s local but highly prestigious events – Desert Storm, Dakshin Dare and Raid de Himalaya. Mobil endeavours to take motorsports to a different level in the country and support the spirit of motorsports.

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