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2016 Toyota Crown Facelift officially revealed

New exterior colors, state of the art ITS safety package and a new direct injection turbo engine are all what the 2016 Toyota Crown Facelift premium sedan boasts of. While being offered in three trims, it is the Athlete and Royal trim level that see the most changes while Majesta also gets some marginal updates.

Toyota Crown Athlete receives a new front grille with mesh pattern extending from top to bottom of bumper while a new bumper is also evident. Other exterior updates include Bi-Beam LED headlights, surface emitting LED clearance lamps and daytime running lights. At the rear, large ring shaped tail lamps are seen while interiors boast of laminate paneling and Prussia Blue interior color schemes. Toyota Crown Athlete is powered by a new 2.0 liter direct injection turbo petrol engine offering 235 PS power and 350 Nm torque mated to an 8 super ECT transmission.

2016 Toyota Crown Facelift Royal Series

2016 Toyota Crown Royal also receives updates which include new bumper and grille design and a host of chrome accents extending from center to both sides. Fog lamps and new exterior colors are also offered on the Crown Royal while new interior colors are white, black and gold.

These updates on the Toyota Crown are in celebration of the debut of the original Crown in 1955. The Toyota Crown also becomes the world’s first mass market vehicle to offer driver assist function with dedicated ITS facility. Called ITS Connect, it uses ITS frequency of 760 MHz for receipt and sharing of data transmitted by external infrastructure and other vehicles. Vehicle to Vehicle communication includes right turn collision caution, red light caution, signal change advisory, communication radar cruise control, emergency vehicle notification and other safety features such as blind spot monitor and intelligent parking assist.

2016 Toyota Crown is set for release sometime by the end of this year while prices will vary from $41,000 to $62,000 for Toyota Crown Royal while prices of Crown Athlete will range from $41,000 to $63,000. (INR 26,76,477 to INR 41,12,640).


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