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New Maruti Ciaz prices, variants compared with Old Maruti Ciaz – Gets more expensive

It is no secret that the new Maruti Ciaz is more expensive than the old Maruti Ciaz. But did you know, that this fact only applied to the petrol variant, and not the diesel variant?

Yes, it is only the petrol variants of new Maruti Ciaz which are more expensive than the old Maruti Ciaz. Diesel variants on the other hand, are cheaper. Petrol variants are expensive by as much as Rs 65,000 while diesel variants are cheaper by as much as 54,000.

So why are the petrol variants expensive than before, and the diesel variants cheaper than before? Well, petrol variants are more expensive due to the addition of a new 1.5 liter engine which is more powerful, as well as more fuel efficient than before. In addition to that, it now gets the SHVS system with better mild hybrid and dual battery setup.

Diesel engine on the other hand, is the same as before. It also comes with the older single battery SHVS setup – unlike the petrol variant, which gets the dual battery SHVS setup. Probably for this reason (featuring same engine and SHVS setup), the price of diesel Ciaz has decreased. Below is a detailed comparison of new 2018 Maruti Ciaz prices vs Old Maruti Ciaz. All prices are in Rs lakhs, ex-showroom, Delhi.

Expect the price to increase once Maruti launches the 1.5 liter diesel engine on board the Ciaz. Yes, Maruti Suzuki has plans to launch a new 1.5 liter diesel engine. This new 4 cylinder engine will replace the currently used, Fiat sourced MultiJet diesel 1.3 liter engine. This will also mark the end of Maruti relying on Fiat for engine tech.

This new 1.5 liter engine is expected to deliver more power and mileage as compared to Fiat’s MJD. It will also come mated to a new 6 speed manual transmission, instead of the current 5 speed setup. This new engine will first be seen on board the New Ertiga, which is due for launch later this year.

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