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2019 Bajaj Rickshaw with updated styling, new interiors – Spied on video

The 2019 Bajaj RE autorickshaw test mule though properly camouflaged brings with it good tidings. Yup auto rickshaws aren’t just three wheels put together but there’s appropriate testing to determine road worthiness, and the safety it out to bring with it.

On the design front it continues to look very much like the quintessential rickshaw with new style elements. The front panel does seem to have a newish design most likely to deal with frontal collision impact.

The headlights are positioned in a new place and look more angular as compared to the old design with a central round headlight. The driver seat is much wider and seems to have decent cushioning. The back support looks way more comfortable than seen on rickshaws till date. It’s much wider and offers full back support.

The test-mule has a fire extinguisher on the driver’s right, attached at an easy to access spot. The test mule had two passenger dummies that were strapped in with a wraparound seatbelt. Even the wheels are much larger than expected on a rickshaw and visually offer sense of stability. Watch the spy video of the 2019 Bajaj rickshaw shot by Agasthya Birambole below.

Powering the updated Bajaj rickshaw is a new engine. It is powered by a petrol motor, as well as CNG. This new engine delivers more power than before, and also delivers a better mileage. Apart from this, Bajaj is also testing an electric rickshaw.

The handle bar has been updated, and so has been the instrument panel. The new Bajaj rickshaw features two large dials, which are located behind the handles. The Bajaj RE auto test mule confirms to expected new regulations that should come into effect in October 2019. In all, sitting in a rickshaw is going to be more comfy owing to a spacious offering for improved leg room for driver and passengers.

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