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2019 Renault Kwid goes off road in TVC – Airbag, ABS hain, kya hoga?

Advertisements are dicey territory, and most times someone in the idea team gets so carried away that the plot is lost. In order to present the little car’s features, the latest 2019 Renault Kwid TVC stresses on ABS and airbags.

While ABS and airbags are much needed features even in the most basic of entry level hatchbacks, they in no way magically make the vehicle all terrain capable. As such, even if you feel the urge to take your small car and drive off road into unknown forests, refrain from indulging. Use your common sense. And under no circumstance, should you venture into unknown jungle territory to carve a path for yourself.

For starters, you are most likely trespassing. There are plenty of travel apps that let you offer detailed information about which routes one should embark on when getting from point A to B. Travel enthusiasts will happily share travel itineraries.

If you want an adventure, please buy a vehicle that is capable of adventure. It’s farcical to expect the entry level Renault Kwid to live upto expectations that bigger cars may find difficulty fulfilling. When venturing off-road into jungle territory, knowing the area helps. Watch the new 2019 Renault Kwid TVC below.

Airbags hain. ABS hain. Kya hoga? Well, a lot can go wrong in spite of having these two safety features. Yes, airbags and ABS are important. But taking them for granted, is not the right thing to do. The way Kwid TVC above portrays airbags and ABS, as the ultimate safety package, is not the right message.

Under no circumstance should people embark on crossing a water body on a whim and fancy. Depending on depth, water flow, riverbed underbody, and other unknowns, you need to be adaptable to these circumstances, if you have any hope of making it to the other side. And unlike the ad, if perchance one does reach point B, please think twice before trying to reach the next mountain.

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