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2020 Hyundai Creta Blue Link 54 Connectivity Features Detailed

All new Hyundai Creta features Blue Link Advanced Connectivity Solutions – That’s a platter of 50+ connectivity features designed for convenience

What this does is ensures customers are not missing out. Recent patterns reflect customer reliance on convenience features, and sometimes something as basic as this can be an important component when it comes to a buying decision. 2020 Hyundai Creta features ‘Hello Blue Link’, a command that activates voice recognition service for in-car control, and assistance, alongside New Smart Watch Integrated Blue Link application. The wide rang of intuitive and smart solutions are designed to enhance driving experience.

2020 Hyundai Creta is the vehicle’s second-gen avatar, and the model was showcased at Auto Expo last month. It’s ‘muscular and futuristic’ design language is integrated with connected car tech to enhance the package that is Creta. As a vehicle, Hyundai has done a swell job with Creta, and a lot rides on the vehicle’s success. No doubt, packaging it well is crucial to its success.

2020 Hyundai Creta
2020 Hyundai Creta

Voice enabled functions are easy to carry out by activating the process with the ‘Hello Blue Link’ command. Following this, Sunroof Open/Close, Seat Ventilation Control, Climate Control -Temperature, Fan Speed control, Wind Direction and Air-intake type control (Fresh/ Circulation) can easily be carried out with required voice commands.

Commands are also designed to access in-vehicle assistance like dial by Number, India’s public holidays information and to track cricket scores. Tarun Garg, Director – Sales, Marketing and Service, Hyundai Motor India Ltd., said, “With the All New Creta, Hyundai aims to offer customers the Ultimate Technology Experience.”

Hyundai CRETA customers have access to Smart watch Integrated Blue Link app. This enables one to access Engine Start/Stop, Door Lock/ Unlock, Vehicle Status Information (Engine, HVAC, Door, Tyre Pressure Warning, Fuel Level etc.), Auto Healthy Air Purifier (In-car air quality information), Vehicle Alerts (Geo-Fence, Speed, Time Fence, Valet, Vehicle Status and Stolen Vehicle), and receive notifications on the smart watch. This is supported by Wear OS by Google, watchOS by Apple, and TIZEN OS for Samsung’s Galaxy watches.

The system is designed to come alive basis natural language based voice recognition services and the convenience of the Smartwatch integrated Blue Link app. The app is exhaustive and addresses safety security, location based functions, vehicle health, remote functions, smirch wall functions, and voice based commands. Below are the 54 features of 2020 Hyundai Creta Blue Link.

1Auto Crash Notification (ACN)In case of any accident, an Auto call will be placed to the Call centre to assist you with the emergency services like Ambulance or Police. The system also informs the driver’s emergency contact numbers which are stored in Blue Link App.
2SOS/Emergency AssistanceIn case of emergency, Push SOS button on the IRVM and you can request emergency services to Call centre, Call centre will assist you with the emergency services such as Ambulance or Police
3Road Side Assistance (RSA)In case of vehicle breakdown, Push RSA button on the IRVM and you can request breakdown services to Call centre, Call centre will assist you to send RSA services to the spot
4Panic NotificationIn case of any emergency/ panic when you are in the vicinity of the car, hold the Panic button on your smart key. The system sends a panic notification (SMS) to the driver’s emergency contact numbers which are stored in Blue Link App. Also the vehicle starts honking and lighting to grab others attention towards your vehicle
5Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)The Low tyre pressure warnings on Smartphone via Blue Link  app further increases the sense of safety
6Stolen Vehicle TrackingIn case of a stolen vehicle, Car owner with the support of Police can seek assistance from Blue Link Call centre for Tracking the vehicle location
7Stolen Vehicle NotificationOn activation of Vehicle Burglar Alarm, the car owner will receive  theft notification in Blue Link app and can check the vehicle status remotely
8Stolen Vehicle ImmobilizationIn case of stolen vehicle, the car owner with the support of police can also seek for vehicle immobilization. Call centre can immobilize the car remotely. Once the engine is off, it is not possible to start the engine again until the vehicle immobilization is  deactivated by call center
9Remote Engine Start and StopTurn On the Engine remotely at the ease of sitting at Home. You can also turn OFF the vehicle from app during remote engine start only
10Remote Engine Start and Stop for Manual Transmission vehicles*First time ever, now the manual transmission vehicles also can support remote engine start and stop. 
  * Manual Transmission vehicles with EPB (Electronic Parking Brake) only
11Remote Climate ControlAlong with the remote engine start, you can also set desired temperature in the vehicle for a desired time using Blue Link app
12Remote Door Lock and UnlockLock and Unlock the vehicle remotely using the Blue Link app
13Remote Horn Honk & LightNow locate your car with ease from any distance, just by turn ON horn and flashers using Blue Linkmobile app
14Remote Vehicle StatusAlways be updated about your vehicle status like Engine, Doors, In-car climate, Distance to Empty, Fuel Level, Low Tyre Pressure, Seat Ventilation etc.
15Remote Seat Ventilation ControlNow, along with in-car temperature you can also control seat ventilation for driver and passenger seats.
16Remote Air Purifier ONConcerned about in-car Air quality? Now along with remote start, the air purifier will be turned ON to make your car pollution free before you step into the car
17Auto Healthy AirAlongside turning on the air purifier, you can also remotely monitor your in-car air quality status
 (in-car Air Quality status) 
18Pro-Active Vehicle status alertSmart Notification from your Blue Link app to remind you in events like doors, hood and trunk  were not locked or closed properly
19Find My CarLocate your vehicle using Blue Link app in busy parking lots
20Share My CarThe car owner (Primary user) can share his Blue Link services with his family/friends (Secondary user). Blue Link registered secondary user can use the Blue Link services of Primary user’s car from his mobile app
21Auto DTC CheckIn case of any malfunction with the important vehicle controllers like Engine and Transmission, the car owner will be notified automatically on the in-car infotainment screen.
22Manual DTC CheckThe car owner also can diagnosis his vehicle manually. On manual diagnosis, the infotainment system will check if there is any malfunction with the vehicle’s important controllers like Airbag, Brake System, Steering System, powertrain and tyre pressure monitoring system etc.
23Monthly Health ReportUsing the Blue Link app, the car owner can check his monthly driving stats for every month and also the vehicle health information in real time
24Maintenance AlertBased on the User settings in the App, the information is provided to user that it’s time to replace the consumable parts like Air Filter, Engine Oil etc., based on vehicle Odometer
25Driving Information / BehaviourProvides user about the information of his total trip every day and driving behaviour for each trip will be displayed
26Destination send to carSearch for your destination in the Blue Link app and push the destination to your car from home. By the time you reach your car, the destination will be available on AVN screen
27Push Destination by Call centrePush Blue Link button on the IRVM and you can request your destination to Call centre. Call centre will push the destination to your infotainment system
28Live POI SearchWith server based POI search, user can never miss favourite POIs as the latest POI information (all over India) will be updated periodically to improve the search results
29Live Traffic InformationReal Time Traffic Information helps you to understand the traffic information en route and with Traffic based re-routing you will reach your destination faster
30Share The DestinationYou can share your destination information to your friends/family through the infotainment system.
31Live Car TrackingLive Car Tracking from the mobile app enables you to track your car in near real time.
32Destination Set in Link with ScheduleBlue Link app can sync with your calendar events. Any event associated with location will be shown on the Blue Link app for the convenience of user to send that location to the car.
33Live Car Location SharingWith Blue Link app, the user can share his vehicle’s live whereabouts to friends/family.
34Geo-Fence AlertUser can set a location boundary of where his car should be driven. If vehicle location violates the user set boundary, an alert will be sent immediately to the user
35Speed AlertUser can set how much maximum speed his car should be going. If the driver violates the set speed, user will get an alert.
36Time Fencing AlertUser can set a limitation of time during which his car should be driven. If the vehicle is driven during the set time, the user will get an alert of time fencing violation
37Valet AlertMonitor how the valet driver is driving the car by setting conditions (speed, boundary and idle time). User will get a notification if the valet driver violates any of the set conditions
38Idle AlertUser can set how much time his car should be idle. If the driver violates the set idle time, user will get an alert. The feature will be helpful for the people who are fuel-efficiency conscious.
39“Hello Blue Link”  Wake-up wordNow activate your in-car voice recognition service with a single command “Hello Blue Link” for in-car control and assistance
40Sunroof Open/close 
41Climate control 
42Seat Ventilation control 
44India’s Public Holidays Information 
45Voice Assist Dialing 
46Radio and Media ControlTune to favourite stations or change the source using voice commands
47NavigationSearch for your favourite POI’s  and start navigation using voice commands
48Weather InformationAsk system for the weather information using voice commands. The system will support weather prediction up to 10 days 
49Utility servicesAsk for Time and date of different time zones or different countries
50Watch FaceGive your smart watch a stylish and dynamic look with Blue LinkWatch Face for Wear OS and Galaxy smart watches.
  Also you can access the Blue Link smart watch app instantly from Blue Link watch face 
51Remote ControlsNow perform remote controls from your smart watch for seam less connected car services. Perform Remote Engine start and stop, Remote Door lock and Unlock, Remote Horn + Lights all at a tap on your smart watch
52Vehicle Status InformationCheck your vehicle’s real time status of Distance to Empty, Fuel Level, Tyre Pressure Warning, Engine, HVAC and Door Status on your smart watch Blue Link app without the need of opening the Blue Link app in mobile every time
53Auto Healthy AirTurn On the in-car Air Purifier along with remote start and check your in-car Air Quality information while the Air Purifier is being operated in the car
54Vehicle AlertsAll vehicle alerts like stolen vehicle alert, Geo-Fence Alert, Speed Alert, Time Fence Alert, Valet alert, Idle Alert will be available on your smart watch based on the alert settings you set in the Blue Link mobile app
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