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2020 Mercedes S Class gets massive touchscreen like Tesla – Spied

Every time the Mercedes S Class progresses to new generation, it pushes the envelop of automotive technology, making it the most promising vehicle to watch out for. The Germans are currently in advanced stages of developing the all-new 2020 S Class which is set to make its debut next year.

A pair of 2020 Mercedes S Class prototypes have been spotted undergoing cold weather testing somewhere in Europe. Before we speak about the changes to the exterior, we have to point your attention towards the completely fresh dashboard which houses what could possibly be the largest touchscreen in a production car. The display which pretty much takes over the entire center console appears to measure over 13-inches. There are a few essential touch-sensitive buttons below the display including hazard light switch, driving mode selector, etc.

Image – Carscoops

The new S-Class continues to employ a prominent rectangular instrument panel display. It suffices to say, the next-gen Mercedes limousine will offer a whole host of new connectivity and entertainment features.

To be based on an updated version of the MRA architecture, the seventh generation Mercedes Benz S Class will receive evolutionary styling changes on the outside with new LED headlights and tail lamps, fresh alloy wheels, and re-profiled bumpers. In terms of technology, the 2020 Mercedes S Class is said to come with level 3 autonomy which is a notch above Tesla’s popular AutoPilot. Level 3 doesn’t warrant the driver to stay alert all the time (although periodic check-ins are needed) and is capable of making evasive maneuvers on its own.

Image – Carscoops

The all-new luxury limousine would be offered in two distinct versions. The regular variants are reported to be equipped with standard plug-in hybrid petrol and diesel engines with pure-electric driving range of 100 km. The car will sport a new 4MATIC all-wheel drive system which is capable of sending the entire torque to front or rear axle if demanded by the situation. Not surprisingly, the new S will also feature active suspension which pre-selects optimum settings by scanning the road surface ahead.

The next-gen model will also spawn an all-electric variant which is expected to debut in 2022. To be called as the Mercedes EQ S, the electric limousine will serve as a flagship to the carmaker’s electric EQ portfolio. The electric version will sit on a new platform which is dubbed MEA. Media reports suggest that the EQ S will have a drive range of over 500 km (under WLTP driving cycle).

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