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2021 BMW M4 G82 Spied Undisguised (XXL Grilles Included)

The all-new G82 BMW M4/M3 borrows its 3.0-litre twin-turbo straight-six engine from the 2021MY BMW X3/X4 M

Earlier this week, BMW unveiled the second-gen G22 4 Series (or seventh-gen two-door 3 Series) for the 2021 model year. The 2+2 GT-ish sportscar initially debuted at 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show as the BMW Concept 4. Compared to its predecessor, the 2021 BMW 4 Series offers substantial improvements in terms of specifications, equipment and dynamics but a significant downgrade in aesthetics, thanks to an overkill front profile.

Had it not been for the XXL-sized grille, the new BMW 4 Series could have been an excellent package in all respects. It feels like a scaled-down 8 Series (which is not at all a bad thing) in multiple exterior angles while interiors remain mostly identical to the four-door counterpart, G20 3 Series.

Ever since the Bavarian automaker removed its covers, ‘Bimmer’ fans have been eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of the all-new G82 BMW M4. It was spotted a few times in sketchy environments under heavy camouflage, yet not much was known about the sportscar — except the fact that it will become tougher for other desirable German and British alternatives to outperform.

2021 BMW 4 Series (G22)
2021 BMW 4 Series (G22)

Popular BMW fan forum Bimmer Post has posted an image of an undisguised 2021MY G82 BMW M4 example for the very time on the internet. Finished in what appears to be a close variation of Dark Graphite Metallic, the car is instantly recognisable as an edgier BMW 4 Series.

At least in this spec, the G82 M4 follows a dark theme all across. The lack of a licence plate gives a clear view of the vertical kidneys (ironically look like a pair of lungs), which now holds an ‘///M4’ badge. Remaining portions of the bumper sport sharp cuts and creases that help accentuate the grille configuration further. Another highlight is the hood scoops. Being an ‘M’ product, they would most likely serve the purpose of venting air from the grilles in a bid to attain better downforce.

Various reports state that the all-new 2021 BMW M4 (as well as its four-door M3 sibling) will be available in optional xDrive AWD and manual formats. However, we see less possibility of an AWD manual M3/M4. Resting behind the massive grilles is a 3.0-litre twin-turbo straight-six motor borrowed from the latest-gen BMW X3/X4 M. In the SUV, the engine makes roughly 466bhp (Competition trim adds an extra 30bhp) and 600Nm of torque. This is coupled to an 8-speed Sport automatic. The G82 BMW M4/M3 (and possible Competition, CS avatars) would come in a different state of tune.


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