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Hero Motorcycles Scooters Price List Jan 2021 – Splendor, Maestro, Glamour, Destini, Xpulse

2021 Hero Splendor
2021 Hero Splendor

Hero MotoCorp undertakes price revision for its MY21 vehicles starting January 1, 2021

A fortnight earlier, Hero MotoCorp announced a pice hike effective from the start of 2021. New year, MY21 two wheelers, new price. The price mitigation tool has become a norm of sorts, and most manufacturers revise product price lists in a new year.

At the time the announcement was made, Hero MotoCorp said its had accelerated its savings programme under Leap-2 umbrella. This in turn mitigates impact, reduces customer burden, and protect company margins. To partially offset impact of commodity costs, product price increase is in the range of 1,500 bucks since January 1, 2021.

MY21 vehicles bring with them no updates or revisions except that year of manufacturing has changed. Xtreme 160R double disc brake variant now costs RS 1,06,950 up from Rs 1,05,050. Disc brake variant is available at a price of Rs 1,03,900, up from Rs 1.02L. Hero Xtreme is pricier by 1,500 bucks at Rs 1,17,214, up from Rs 1,15,714. Xpulse price is revised from Rs 1,13,730 to Rs 1,15,230 at a hike of Rs 1,500. Xpulse 200T BS6 model is currently unavailable.

2021 Hero MotoCorp motorcycle prices

Hero Splendor+ Black Accent edition was introduced in 4 colour variants as recently as October 2020. At the time, it was listed at Rs 64,470. The self start, drum brake variant is now listed at Rs 65,295. Three months earlier, Splendor+ Self Start i3S retailed for Rs 64,470 ex-sh Delhi. It too now costs Rs 65,295. Splendor+ kickstart with drum brake was priced at Rs 60,960. It now costs Rs 61,785 at a price increase of 825 bucks. Splendor+ Self start price is revised from Rs 63,470 to Rs 64,085 at an increase of Rs 615.

Hero MotoCorp Motorcycle Price List Jan 2021
Hero MotoCorp Motorcycle Price List Jan 2021 – Ex-sh, Delhi

Splendor iSmart Drum brake variant is now listed at Rs 66,500, and disc brake variant at Rs 68,700. Up from Rs 65,950 and Rs 68,150, at a price revision of 550 bucks for both variants. As recent as November 2020, Hero Passion Pro prices were revised to Rs 66,500 for the drum and Rs 68,700 for the disc, ex-Delhi. They are now further revised at Rs 66,900, and Rs 69,100. Price increase is at 400 bucks for both variants. Super Splendor Drum, self start variant price us revised from Rs 69,450 to Rs 69,900. Disc, self start variant price is revised from Rs 72,950 to Rs 73,400. Price revision is at 450 bucks for both variants.

Glamour drum brake variant take entry price point upto Rs 71,900 from 71k. The disc brake variant now costs Rs 75,400, up from Rs 74,500. The more recently launched Glamour Blaze was introduced in October at a price of Rs 72,200. The Blaze drum variant now costs Rs 73,100, and the disc brake variant Rs 76,600. All Glamour variants are now costlier by 900 bucks.

Hero MotoCorpJan-21Ex-sh
MotorcyclesNew PriceOld PriceDiff
Xtreme 160R Drum1,03,9001,02,0001,900
Xtreme 160R Disc1,06,9501,05,0501,900
Xpulse 2001,15,2301,13,7301,500
Glamour Drum71,90071,000900
Glamour Disc75,40074,500900
Glamour Blaze Drum73,10072,200900
Glamour Blaze Disc76,600NA
Splendor iSmart Drum66,50065,950550
Splendor iSmart Disc68,70068,150550
Passion Pro Drum67,40066,500900
Passion Pro Disc69,60068,700900
Splendor Plus Kick Start61,78560,960825
Splendor Plus Self Start64,08563,260825
Splendor Plus i3S65,29564,470825
Splendor Plus Black Accent65,29564,470825
HF Deluxe Spoke Wheel50,20048,9501,250
HF Deluxe Kick Start51,20049,9501,250
HF Deluxe Self Start59,90058,6001,300
HF Deluxe Self Start i3S61,22559,8001,425
HF Deluxe Self Start i3S Black60,225NA
Super Splendor Drum69,90069,450450
Super Splendor Disc73,40072,950450
Destini 125 Drum66,96066,310650
Destini 125 Disc70,45069,700750
Maestro 125 Drum69,25069,2500
Maestro 125 Disc71,45071,4500
Maestro 125 Stealth72,95072,9500
Maestro 110 VX61,95061,450500
Maestro 110 ZX63,45062,950500
Pleasure Plus LX57,30056,800500
Pleasure Plus VX59,95058,9501,000
Pleasure Plus ZX Platinum61,95060,9501,000

In October 2020, HF Deluxe variants were priced as follows. Drum, kick start/spoke wheel at Rs 48,950; Drum kick start at Rs 49,950; Drum self start at Rs 58,475; Drum, self start at Rs 58,600; and Drum, self start i3s at Rs 59,800. Variant prices for MY21 bikes are revised at Rs 50,200, Rs 51,200, Rs 59,900, Rs 60,025, and Rs 61,225. Price revision across the HF Deluxe lineup ranges from Rs 1,250 to Rs 1,425.

2021 Hero MotorCorp scooter prices

As with motorcycles, scooter prices are up too. Destini 125 drum brake price is revised to Rs 66,960 from Rs 66,310, and disc brake variant is up at Rs 70,450 from Rs 69,700. Price hike is at 650 bucks, and 750 bucks, respectively.

Hero MotoCorp Scooter Price List Jan 2021 - Ex-sh, Delhi
Hero MotoCorp Scooter Price List Jan 2021 – Ex-sh, Delhi

Maestro Edge 110 Drum brake with alloy wheel, and alloy wheel FI ZX are both costlier by 500 bucks at Rs 61,950, and Rs 63,450, respectively. Maestro Edge 125cc Self Start Drum Brake Alloy Wheel – Fi variant is now available for Rs 69,250; Self Start Disc Brake Alloy Wheel – Fi variant for Rs ` 71,450; and Stealth – Self Start Disc Brake Alloy Wheel – Fi variant for Rs 72,950.

Pleasure Plus Drum brake, sheet metal wheel variant Price is revised from Rs 56,800 to Rs 57,300. And Drum brake, alloy wheel variant from Rs 58,950 to Rs 59,950. That’s a price revision of Rs 500, and Rs 1,000, respectively. 2021 Pleasure Platinum (ZX) self start, drum brae with alloy wheel variant is listed at a price of Rs 61,950.

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